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Notable Beer Miling Performances

#20  Official State of North Carolina Performance
#15  Official Performance Drinking Molson Canadian
#14  Official Performance Drinking Export
#6  Official Performance Drinking Stroh's
#6  Official Performance Drinking Milwaukee's Best Ice
#11  Official Performance Drinking Yuengling
#2  Official Performance Drinking Lucky Lager
#2  Official Performance Drinking PC Genuine Lager
#1  Official Performance Drinking TJ's Simple Times Pilsner
#1  Official Performance Drinking Bells Lager Ale

46 total entries found:

NameTime Date Race Location Place Sex  Age   Beer  Notes
John "Boy" B   9:40.0  05-24-08     Owen Shott 4th Annual  Jacksonville, FL 11 M 22 Busch, from can  Pretty sure this was a PR
John "NFHN John" B   13:30.0  01-31-10     UHHH 2010 Beer mile  Greenville, S.C. M 25 icehouse, from can  
John B.   13:10.0  12-31-11     Livin' On A Prayer Beer Mile  Pasadena, CA M Budweiser, from can  
John B.   18:17.0  12-25-12     4th Semi-Annual Bacor (ChristmasKwanzaaKkah) Beer Miler  Pasadena, CA 3 M White Rascal, from can  5.6% alcohol
John Belisle   12:44.0  03-10-12     Beer Mile #5: Celebrity Edition  Chicago, IL M Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  
John ""Bill"" Bintliff   10:15.0  03-21-09     Beer Mile on Madison's Track  Madison, South Dakota 1 M 18 Coors, from can  im a bad ass
John "Zurich Bill Shark Attack D:" Bintliff   11:59.0  03-20-10     Beerlympics II  Madison SD 8 M 19 Budweiser, from can  Disappointing. - Penalty Lap
John "ugh" Bird   11:09.0  11-09-07     Freddy Beach Beer Mile  Fredericton, NB 7 M 20 n/a  chocolate milk 500ml
John Boone   23:02.0  06-22-14     Beer Chasers Summer Beer Mile  Pullman, WA Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  
John "Booter" Booth   8:20.0  08-22-01     Inaugural Canatara Beach Beer Mile  Sarnia, ON 3 M 19 Stroh's, from can  
John Booth   8:45.0  05-08-04     Rochester Championship 2004  Rochester, NY 7 M From can  RIT
John "Booze, John Booze" Booze   12:59.0  06-21-14     Summer Solstice Beer Mile  Seattle, WA 5 M Fremont Summer Ale, from can  
John Bowden   25:06.0  08-08-98     Kingston Classic X  Kingston, ON 34 M   
John Bridges   10:23.0  03-10-01     1st Annual Northwest Springtime Beer Mile  Portland, OR 4 M   
Johnny Boy "The wise master" Brochette   22:57.0  09-14-13     Initiation 2013  Montreal, PQ 11 M 102 Budweiser, from can  Better late than never
John Browne   10:09.0  08-06-11     4th Annual Nanaimo Beermile  Nanaimo, BC M 60 Lucky Lager, from can  
John "Go Steelers" Bruno   10:11.0  11-22-08     Greater Orlando Metro Beer Mile  Orlando, FL 11 M 22 Budweiser, from can  
John Bruno   21:02.0  09-23-06     2nd Annual Birthday Beermile  Berkeley, CA 9 M Miller Lite, from can  
John Buda   9:40.0  11-01-14     7th Annual Well-Fit Beer Mile  Chicago, IL 8 M Budweiser, from can  
John Campbell   8:03.0  12-23-97     Island Road Racers 1st Annual Christmas  Victoria, BC 2 M   
John M "Slow-Mo" Campbell   12:09.0  06-14-13     Dundas Ontario Beer Mile!  DUNDAS ONTARIO CANADA 8 M 51 Molson Canadian, from can  Still has never had to run a penalty lap.
John M "'Slo-Mo'" Campbell   17:47.0  06-27-14     Dundas Beer Mile II  DUNDAS ONTARIO CANADA 19 M 52 Molson Canadian, from can  Still has never lost a head-to-head race* to BQ'r Steve Smith (*5K and less)..
Barrett Johnson   9:17.0  09-29-12     Guam Beer Mile Summer Classic  Guam 11 M   
Brenda Johnson   7:57.7  08-01-09     6th Annual  Fort Wayne, IN 35 F Chocolate Milk, from cup  
Brent Johnson   11:24.0  11-24-06     6th Annual West Chester, PA Beer Mile  West Chester, PA 19 M Yuengling Lager Light, from can  
Brian "The Rook" Johnson   9:05.0  01-08-10     Tough Man's 2010 Beer Mile  West Chester, PA 13 M 16 Keystone Light, from can  Young with no talent but a dedicated Rookie
Brian Johnson   9:20.0  12-16-05     5th Annual West Chester, PA Beer Mile  West Chester, PA 8 M Yuengling, from can  Virgin Performance
Bryan Johnson   10:46.0  11-24-06     6th Annual West Chester, PA Beer Mile  West Chester, PA 17 M Yuengling Lager Light, from can  
Kimberly "Ol' Blue" Johnson   7:53.0  07-24-10     5th Annual Beer Mile/Rihana-Palooza  Durham, NC F 25 Budweiser, from can  
Mary Beth Johnson   14:14.0  11-17-07     Chicago Beer Mile III  Chicago, IL 29 F Budweiser, from can  
Mary Beth Johnson   18:45.0  12-06-08     Chicago Beer Mile IV - Yes we can!  Chicago, IL 42 F Budweiser, from can  
Robbie Johnson   17:09.0  05-29-10     6th Annual Jacksonville Beer Mile  Jacksonville, FL 78 M 35 Budweiser, from can  
Corbin "elderly citizen" Johnston   9:47.0  11-16-13     Kingston Fall Beer Mile 2013  Kingston, ON 21 M 21 PC Genuine Lager, from can  Had the loudest cheering section
Bryan Johnstone   27:10.0  03-17-12     2012 Manitoba Winter beermile  Winnipeg, MB 60 M kokanee, from can  
John Rabon   12:28.0  11-19-11     Triangle Beer Runners Challenge v2.0  Raleigh, NC 16 M 28 Bells Lager Ale, from bottle  
John "Beef" Raby   9:53.0  04-18-98     NESCAC Championships I  Amherst, MA 29 M   Wesleyan
John "Red-Headed Stepchild" Raby   94:20.0  11-07-95     Wesleyan T-Shirt Run  Middletown, CT 7 M 18 T-shirt  48 laps
John Robertson   14:24.0  08-06-10     2010 Summer Houston Hash Beer Mile  Houston, TX 41 M 37 Miller High Life, from can  
John Sabatino   9:39.0  12-16-12     10th Annual New Jersey Beermile Championships  Morris County, NJ 10 M 46 Budweiser, from can  
John Sabatino   9:56.0  12-22-13     11th Annual New Jersey Beermile Championships  Morris County, NJ 16 M 47 Budweiser, from can  
John Staroba   17:55.0  06-08-10     Santa Rosa Beer Mile  Santa Rosa, CA 7 M 31 TJ's Simple Times Pilsner, from can  W/penalty lap and his baby watching...
John Streblow   16:01.0  05-14-03     2nd Bi-Annual Whitewater Beer Mile  Whitewater, WI 10 M 21 Milwaukee's Best Ice, from can  *Puked
John Streblow   DNF  12-19-02     1st Bi-Annual Whitewater Beer Mile  Whitewater, WI 5 M 20   *Puked
John Tidball   13:05.0  08-19-05     5th Annual Canatara Beach Memorial Beer Mile  Sarnia, ON 3 M 20 Export, from can  winner of the 100 m Drunken Dash AND Podium Chug
John Wiberg   7:34.0  10-25-08     Go Home Gary Beer Mile  Chicago, IL M Bud Light, from can  
John Wiberg   7:50.0  11-01-14     7th Annual Well-Fit Beer Mile  Chicago, IL 4 M Budweiser, from can  Pat Jones kept the beer too cold.

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