Krista Beddoes

Notable Beer Miling Performances

#12, #45  All-time Official Female Performance
#36  Official Province of Alberta, Canada Performance
#2  Official Performance Drinking Big Rock Grasshopper

3 total entries found:

NameTime Date Race Location Place Sex  Age   Beer  Notes
Krista "Kee-Kee O'" Beddoes   7:36.9  08-22-03     2003 Northern Alberta Regional Championships  Edmonton, AB 2 F Big Rock Grasshopper, from can  PB
Krista "Kiki O" Beddoes   8:45.0  04-12-01     6th Annual B.S.D. Beer Mile  Calgary, AB 5 F   3 beer event!
Krista Beddoes-English   8:36.0  08-11-01     2001 World Beer Mile Championships  Edmonton, AB 10 F   

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