Notable Beer Miling Performances

#7  Official State of Michigan Performance
#25  Official Performance Drinking Kokanee
#6  Official Performance Drinking Bud Ice
#3  Official Performance Drinking Bud Ice from Bottle

14 total entries found:

NameTime Date Race Location Place Sex  Age   Beer  Notes
Lim "The Singaporean Sensation"    10:30.0  09-22-07     3rd Annual Wallace Birthday Beermile  Berkeley, CA 229 M   Out of beermile retirement
Lim "The Singaporean Sensation"    14:37.0  09-23-06     2nd Annual Birthday Beermile  Berkeley, CA 6 M Budweiser, from can  
Salim    12:02.0  03-31-05     Megahand!!!  Handsworth Secondary, North Vancouver, BC 2 M 16 Budweiser, from can  
Salim's Bro    12:37.0  03-31-05     Megahand!!!  Handsworth Secondary, North Vancouver, BC 3 M 21 Budweiser, from can  
Aurash "The Persian" Alimardani   10:38.0  09-25-13     UBC Microbeerology mile  Vancouver, BC 6 M 21 Kokanee, from can  
Robin Klimach   12:45.0  04-01-01     Beverly Hills Open I  Hollywood, CA 4 F 24 Budweiser, from can  
JD Klimczyk   13:58.0  11-13-04     1st Annual TxState/UTSA Dual  San Antonio, TX 11 M 18 bud light, from can  TXST-vomit
Jon Klimowicz   9:50.0  04-25-09     MTU Beer Mile 2  Houghton, MI M 23 Bud Ice, from bottle  
Jon "Klimo" Klimowicz   18:40.0  04-18-09     MTU Beer Mile  Houghton, MI 5 M 23 Bud Ice, from bottle  
Johnny Lim   14:21.0  03-17-12     Inaugural Phnom Penh Beer Mile  Phnom Penh, Cambodia M Cambodia, from can  
Warren Lim   26:20.0  09-15-11     Dashing Whippets Beer Mile Invitational  New York, NY 18 M 28 From can  
Vasilli "Greek God" Manikas   11:28.0  11-29-13     Black Rock Peaches First Evah Beer Mile  Rockland, MA 5 M 60 Coors, from can  Dominated age group (Virgin mile)
Vassili "Greek God" Manikas   12:22.0  05-31-14     Black Rock Peaches BeerMile II  Rockland, MA 5 M 60 From can  2nd Mile
Alli Migun   8:14.0  07-17-10     210 East Tennessee Chocolate Milk mile  Knoxville, TN 18 F Chocolate Milk, from cup  

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