Notable Beer Miling Performances

#12  Official State of Idaho Performance
#19, #20, #24  Official State of South Dakota Performance
#8  Official Performance Drinking busch heavy
#5  Official Performance Drinking nothing illegal
#1  Official Performance Drinking Miller Geniune Draft

7 total entries found:

NameTime Date Race Location Place Sex  Age   Beer  Notes
M "defeated you in the cave" M II   9:46.0  12-12-09     4th Annual BHSU Beer Mile  Spearfish, SD 8 M 22 Miller Geniune Draft, from can  A solid effort
M "The puker" M II   9:48.0  12-14-07     2nd Annual BHSU v SDSMT Beer Mile Dual  Spearfish, SD 8 M 20 Busch Heavy, from can  Penalty Lap
M M II   11:2.0  12-09-06     1st Annual BHSU Beer Mile  Spearfish, SD 8 M 19 nothing illegal, from can  penalty lap
M "The puker" M II   DNF  06-30-07     The Commencement of a summer of shit Talking  Spearfish, SD 1 M 19 Budwieser, from can  Puked after 100 Meters but struggled on to make it to the 800 Meter mark
Nicole Muriithi   16:6.0  08-20-13     NOLA Summer Beer Mile  New Orleans, LA 38 F Heineken  Heat 1
Ahmad "Babble on" Rezaii   29:28.0  09-24-05     Boise Beer Mile  Boise, ID 15 M 25 Budweiser, from can  Drinking the tall boys
Sammy Stump II   19:7.1  03-16-08     St. Patrick's Day Beer Mile  Pensacola, Florida 4 M 43 Budwieser, from can  

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