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Notable Beer Miling Performances

#82  British Performance
#8  Official Japanese Performance
#22, #29, #30, #88, #100  Swedish Performance
#47  Official Province of Manitoba, Canada Performance
#34  Official State of Massachusetts Performance
#28  Official State of Montana Performance
#27, #33  Official State of Oregon Performance
#29  Official State of Tennessee Performance
#13  Official State of Washington Performance
#15, #33  Official State of Wisconsin Performance
#9, #12  Official Performance Drinking 33 cl
#3  Official Performance Drinking Tecate
#23  Official Performance Drinking carlton draught
#2, #5  Official Performance Drinking MGD Light
#26  Official Performance Drinking Laker Lager
#2, #11  Official Performance Drinking 330ml
#7  Official Performance Drinking Molson Ice
#2  Official Performance Drinking Lighthouse Race Rocks
#1  Official Performance Drinking Brava
#1  Official Performance Drinking OV
#1  Official Performance Drinking Okanagan Springs 1516
#2  Official Performance Drinking Okanagan 1516
#1  Official Performance Drinking Tiger
#1  Official Performance Drinking Hermanns Dark
#2  Official Performance Drinking O.V
#2  Official Performance Drinking Sapporo black label
#1  Official Performance Drinking Nelson Brewing Co.
#1  Official Performance Drinking 4:20

77 total entries found:

NameTime Date Race Location Place Sex  Age   Beer  Notes
Peter Aronsson   6:53.4  10-02-12     LiTHe Syra Annual Beer Mile 2012  Linkoping, Sweden 22 M 33 cl, from can  
Peter Cross   18:50.0  09-30-05     7th Annual Gemini Beer Mile  Vancouver, BC M 19 From can  
Peter Cross   DNF  06-05-04     J Mac North Shore Champs  Sutherland High School, North Vancouver, BC 1 M   Time coming soon (started late, puke w/penalty).
Peter Cross   DNF  12-31-04     1st Annual New Years Eve Beer Mile  Vancouver, BC 1 M 18 Sleemans  Blenheim Palace
Peter "Gnome" Davis   15:21.0  04-25-07     2nd Annual South Australian Beer Mile Championships  Adelaide, South Australia, Australia M 22 Carlton Draught, from bottle  Made his way down from the Hills to have his first crack at the Beer Mile. Perhaps he shouldn't have bothered.
Peter "Chicken Legs" Davison   7:21.9  06-04-02     1st Singapore Beer Mile  Singapore 1 M 40 Tiger, from can  Singapore National Record
Peter "Testosterone" Dempster   11:15.0  11-22-08     C.A.R.P. Beer Mile 2008  Carpinteria, CA 3 M 26 tecate, from can  
Peter Doroschuck   11:59.0  08-03-07     2007 Manitoba Summer Beer Mile  Winnipeg, MB M 20 n/a, from can  Penalty lap
Peter "Jester" Doroschuk   11:59.9  08-04-07     Manitoba Summer Beer Mile Championships  Winnipeg, MB M Budweiser, from can  with penalty lap... used to wimpy american beer
Peter Doroschuk   16:57.0  08-25-12     Manitoba Summer Beermile 2012  Winnipeg, MB 24 M 3 Fort Garry Dark, 1 Fort Garry Lime, from can  Ran a chunder drinking his pints from the can. Was also wearing the best top
Peter "Mad-Dog" Doroshuk   9:53.0  03-19-11     2011 Manitoba Winter beermile  Winnipeg, MB 11 M OV, from can  
Peter "Dorobilly" Doroshuk   10:48.0  08-23-14     2014 Manitoba Summer Beermile  Winnipeg, MB 19 M   
peter Doroshuk   14:30.0  03-17-12     2012 Manitoba Winter beermile  Winnipeg, MB 33 M O.V, from can  ran the entire beermile while smoking cigarettes. Was not even going to show up untill Tyrone called Jon and asked him to beat Peter at RPS over the phone to run it. Peter clearly lost.
Peter "Pistol Pete" Doroshuk   20:13.0  03-20-10     2010 Manitoba Winter Beermile  Winnipeg, MB 42 M 24 Brewhaus, from can  Was suspected of being either a Narc or a mexican alien
Peter Dowse   10:25.0  03-29-96     1996 Kingston Spring Beer Mile  Kingston, ON 11 M   
Peter Eriksson   11:07.0  09-30-09     LiTHe Syras Beer Mile 2009  Link?ping, Sweden M 330ml, from can  
Peter Eriksson   12:38.0  10-02-12     LiTHe Syra Annual Beer Mile 2012  Linkoping, Sweden 46 M 33 cl, from can  
Taylor Eshpeter   26:17.0  06-03-05     The Welcome Back Kurt Beer Mile on Shelly's Birthday  Edmonton, AB M 23 Canadian, from can  penalty lap
Peter Holmes   10:14.0  06-01-06     Loughborough AC Chunder Mile 2006  Loughborough, United Kingdom 2 M From cup  
Peter "Pirate" James   9:55.0  01-26-14     Queensland Beer Mile Championships 2014  Brisbane Australia M 53 Coopers Pilsner, from bottle  
Peter Lyons   11:08.0  02-08-06     First Beer Mile in Japan  Tokyo, Japan 3 M 50 Sapporo black label, from can  Faltered mid-race, came home with a flourish
Peter Miskiel   16:45.0  10-15-11     Skule(tm) Rugby beermile  Toronto, ON M   
Pete the train Morris   13:55.0  08-22-14     Heineken Beer Mile - Reading  Palmer Park, Reading, UK M 58 Heineken, from can  Heineken cans
Pete "mother fuckin'" Nichols   7:34.0  05-08-04     2004 Graduates/Post Conf. BeerMile  Platteville, WI 4 M 23 MGD Light, from bottle  
Pete "mother fuckin" Nichols   9:05.0  05-30-04     2004 post-nationals  Platteville, WI 4 M 23 MGD Light, from bottle  
Peter "Off the Wagon" Noyes   15:17.0  05-31-14     Black Rock Peaches BeerMile II  Rockland, MA 7 M From bottle  Virgin Mile
Pete Olson   7:51.0  12-10-05     First Annual Linfield Beer Mile Invitational  McMinnville, OR 10 M Tecate, from can  
Just Pete   14:33.0  10-18-13     Full Moon H3 Beermile  Fort Lauderdale, FL Red Stripe, from bottle  
Andrew Peters   10:17.0  08-15-14     Scona Class of '89 25th Reunion Invitational  Edmonton, AB M   
Celia "Upchuck" Peters   17:05.0  04-07-06     Queen's University Beer Mile 2006  Kingston, ON 14 F 18 Canadian, from can  Top female, puked upon finish
Greg Peters   8:43.0  08-15-03     The Team Stampede Beer Mile  Missoula, MT 5 32 From can  
Michael Peters   9:31.0  11-15-14     FSRC 1st Anniversary BEER MILE!  Vancouver, BC M 39 Cannery Anarchist Amber, from can  
Rob Peters   19:17.0  04-25-09     MTU Beer Mile 2  Houghton, MI M 28 Pabst Blue Ribbon, from can  
Will Peters   11:38.1  11-21-09     1st Annual Runnin' Rebels Beer Mile  Nashville, TN M 21 Coors, from can  
Benjamin Slott-Bruun Petersen   14:38.4  09-28-14     Carsten Bojsen memorial 2014  Esbjerg, Denmark 16 M 20 Faxe Premium 5.0 %, from can  Incl. penalty lap
Brandon "true redneck" Petersen   8:54.0  04-29-05     1st annual Nova Beer Mile  Davie, FL 2 M 18 Bud Light, from can  had it in the bag but horrible chuging the last one
Anders Peterson   DNF  12-03-97     1st Annual Ben & Jerry's 4x4  Middletown, CT 5 M 21 Ice Cream  3 pints, 3 miles
Bradley "BradleyPee" Peterson   7:41.0  06-08-13     Brooklyn BEER MILE 1: Spring '13  Brooklyn, NY 10 M 39 Budweiser, from can  
Bradley Peterson   8:24.0  05-08-14     BEER MILE 2  Brooklyn, NY M Budweiser, from can  
Brenton Peterson   7:39.0  05-30-04     First Annual Steve Prefontaine Memorial Classic  Laytonsville, MD 2 M 19 Busch, from can  runner-up, run on grass loop
Don Peterson   10:58.0  12-21-04     1st Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile  Victoria, BC M   
Donald Peterson   9:06.0  12-22-09     6th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile  Victoria, BC 30 M 40 Hermanns Dark, from bottle  
Donald Peterson   9:10.0  12-16-08     5th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile  Victoria, BC M 39 Lighthouse Riptide Pale Ale, from can  
Donald Peterson   9:14.0  12-19-06     Third Annual Dave Smart Tribute Beer Mile  Victoria, BC 12 M Okanagan 1516, from can  
Donald Peterson   9:38.0  12-20-05     2nd Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile  Victoria, BC M From can  
Donald Peterson   9:47.0  12-18-07     4th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile  Victoria, BC 25 M 38 Okanagan Springs 1516, from can  
Doofus "pettie" Peterson   12:43.0  04-03-04     Windsor Spring Beer Mile  Windsor, ON 7 M Canadian, from can  penalty lap
Elliot Peterson   6:28.0  06-08-09     Central Texas Chocolate Milk Mile  Austin, TX M 16 Chocolate Milk, from cup  
Erik Peterson   7:37.0  07-14-11     Eugene Beer Mile #1  Eugene, OR 6 M   
Greg "Greater Than" Peterson   15:46.0  12-03-97     1st Annual Ben & Jerry's 4x4 (Relay Division)  Middletown, CT M 20 Ice Cream  10:45 pint, 5:01 mile, BOOT
Jim "Poison Penis" Peterson   DNF  10-31-04     Carolina Trash Hash House Harriers Beer Mile and #1100 trail  Spring Lake, NC 12 M 33 Milwaukee's Best Ice, from can  only did 3 laps (marine wuss)
Lars Peterson   13:25.0  11-15-14     FSRC 1st Anniversary BEER MILE!  Vancouver, BC M 29 Stella, from can  
Lucas "Lubey" Peterson   8:51.0  11-16-13     Kingston Fall Beer Mile 2013  Kingston, ON 17 M 19 Brava, from can  Went balls-to-the-wall and puked on the second lap. Basically chose to run a chunder 2k
Maura Peterson   DNF  04-29-06     Fort Collins Original Beer Mile  Fort Collins, CO F 22 Coors Light, from can  Pre-determined beer half-miler.
Nick "Dubstep" Peterson   DNF  11-18-14     NHS Coke Mile 2014  Northampton, Ma   Freshman.
Todd Peterson   18:01.0  01-27-13     2nd Annual Grand Slam Beer Mile  South Elgin, IL M 44 Coors, from can  Spewed foam like Mt. Vesuvius, ran the penalty lap
Andreas Petersson   7:14.0  09-30-09     LiTHe Syras Beer Mile 2009  Link?ping, Sweden M 330ml, from can  
Oskar Petersson   7:11.8  10-02-12     LiTHe Syra Annual Beer Mile 2012  Linkoping, Sweden 25 M 33 cl, from can  
Peter Ramsy   8:55.0  09-21-13     2013 Parkville Beer Mile  Rawlinson Track, Melbourne University M From bottle  
Pete "Naked Pete" Rodrigues   7:44.0  04-18-98     NESCAC Championships I  Amherst, MA 14 M   Tufts
Pete "RocknRolla" S   17:58.0  08-08-09     Touchy's Pasadena Beermile 2009  Pasadena, CA 11 M 44 Budweiser, from can  
Peter Sammon   7:56.0  08-08-02     Lambert/Brown Wedding Invitational Beer Mile  Victoria, BC 3 M 15 Molson Ice, from can  Note the age. Peter lives in the UK, and we believe this could be a European or even world Junior record
Peter "the untier" Schofield   9:30.0  08-17-12     Friday Night TriNight Test Mile  Abbotsford, BC 2 M 51 Molson, from can  
Peter Schofield   10:54.0  07-18-14     Friday Night TriNight Beer Mile #3  Abbotsford, BC M Kokanee, from can  foot injury
Peter "Ultra Chuck" Schofield   11:12.0  06-14-13     Friday Night TriNight Beer Mile #2  Abbotsford, BC M 52 Budweiser, from can  Required to run 1 extra loop
Peter Schrafel   12:59.3  05-19-10     2nd Annual Vodka 2-Mile  Ithaca,ny 1 M 24 SKYY, from cup  
Peter "Schrapist" Schrafel   13:01.6  05-13-09     SKYY miles duel  Ithaca,ny 2 M 23 SKYY, from cup  led backstretches
Pete Sciencewig   9:00.0  05-12-04     4th Annual Joel Sutton Memorial  New Ulm, MN 8 M 22 MGD Light, from can  
Peter Sockorski   18:51.0  11-12-05     The 4th Annual Western Fall Beer Mile  London, ON 23 M Laker Lager, from can  
Pete Steponaitis   15:07.0  03-26-99     5th Annual Kingston Spring Beer Mile  Kingston, ON 22 M   
Peter Stevenson   8:21.0  12-20-05     2nd Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile  Victoria, BC M From can  
Peter Stevenson   8:34.0  12-18-07     4th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile  Victoria, BC 15 M 41 Lighthouse Race Rocks, from can  
Peter Stevenson   9:43.0  12-19-06     Third Annual Dave Smart Tribute Beer Mile  Victoria, BC 14 M Nelson Brewing Co., from can  
Peter Stevenson   23:00.0  10-24-08     9th Annual Gemini Beer Mile  Vancouver, BC M Granville Island, from bottle  
Peter Timmins   DNF  08-17-05     FSJ Fall Beer Mile (2005)  Fort St. John, BC M 27 Coors Light, from can  "It's my birthday and I want to be able to perform later."
Peter Watson   12:50.0  12-31-04     1st Annual New Years Eve Beer Mile  Vancouver, BC 25 M 26 4:20, from bottle  NSA
Peter Watson   DNF  06-05-04     J Mac North Shore Champs  Sutherland High School, North Vancouver, BC 10 M From bottle  Time coming soon.

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