Sam H

Notable Beer Miling Performances

Official State of Wisconsin Performance #26
Official Performance Drinking Lucky #14
Official Performance Drinking Milwaukee's Best #15
Official Performance Drinking Efes #1
Official Performance Drinking OK Springs 1516 #1

37 total entries found:

Name Time Date Race Age Beer Notes
Samantha Bolland 34:43.0 21-Aug-2013 Toronto, ON
GBP Beer Mile. Gulp. Bolt. Puke.
26 From Can Moosehead next time, she'll know not to hold it in for so long.
Josh "Just Josh" Busam 9:14.0 1-Jan-2006 San Diego, CA
Intergalactic Hash Winter Classic
33 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Sam Crowther 7:26.0 8-Jan-2005 Melbourne, Australia
Knox Chocolate Milk Mile
16 From Cup Chocolate Milk
Sam Doughty 6:00.7 1-Jan-2009 Huntington, IN
1st Annual MIB Milk Mile
15 From Cup white milk
Sam Fathizadeh 5:36.0 6-Jun-2015 Hinsdale Central High School
Hinsdale-Neuqua Milk Mile
Sam Fathizadeh 5:36.0 6-Jun-2015 Hinsdale Central High School
Hinsdale-Neuqua (DGN + Sandburg) Chocolate Milk Mile 2015
Chocolate Milk
Samantha Ginther 8:49.7 1-Aug-2009 Fort Wayne, IN
6th Annual
18 From Cup Chocolate Milk
Sam H 5:32.0 1-May-2003 Coppell, TX
2nd Anual Coppell Chocolate Milk Mile
17 From Cup chocolate milk broke his own WR
Sam H 5:49.0 14-Sep-2002 Coppell, TX
1st Annual Coppell Chocalate Milk Mile
16 From Cup Chocolate Milk beat record
Sam H. 5:20.0 16-May-2004 Coppell, TX
3rd Annual Coppell Chocolate Milk Mile (guys fast heat)
18 From Cup chocolate milk broke his own WR of 5:32
Sam Harrison DNF 31-May-2014 Almonte, Ontario
1st Gemmill Beer Mile
Samuel "bgs" Hauck 5:38.6 21-Nov-2003 Northfield, MN
2003 Fall St. Olaf Beer Mile Gala
19 From Can strohs
Sam Healey 15:38.0 16-Nov-2013 Kingston, ON
Kingston Fall Beer Mile 2013
21 From Can Canadian Hates beer but gutted it out like a champ
Sam Hernandez 8:35.0 29-Mar-1996 LaCrosse, WI
1996 LaCrosse Open
Samantha Howarth 10:35.0 10-Jan-2015 Pretoria, South Africa
5th Overkruin Beer mile
28 From Bottle Hunters 5.5% alcohol, ladies beermile (3 beers)
Samantha Howarth 15:03.0 14-Jan-2012 Pretoria, South Africa
2nd Overkruin Beer Mile
From Bottle Savanna 6% alcohol, penalty lap
Samantha Howarth 15:25.0 8-Jan-2011 Pretoria, South Africa
The End of Year Overkruin Beermile
From Bottle Hunter's Dry 5.5% Alcohol
Sam "Jesus" Huberty 13:30.0 7-Jul-2007 White Bear Lake, Mn
First Run Dub B
17 From Can Miller Lite Training for second year of high school CC, first beer mile
Sam "Robotech" Kheirandish 11:05.0 13-Sep-2012 Vancouver, BC
iEtaPi Third Annual Beer Mile
28 From Bottle Efes
Sam "Robotech" Kheirandish 11:54.0 25-Sep-2013 Vancouver, BC
UBC Microbeerology mile
29 From Can OK Springs 1516 Injury on second lap
Marissa Matthews DNF 13-Nov-2009 Carrollton, GA
5th Annual UWG Beer Mile
19 From Can Keystone Light
Lisa Michel 24:33.0 1-Aug-2014 Gulf Breeze, FL
Da 6th Annual Fat Crab Beer Mile
From Bottle Pabst Blue Ribbon
Sam Nash 12:41.0 17-Nov-2000 Kingston, ON
Fifth Annual Kingston Fall Beer Mile
Samuel Rochon DNF 19-Dec-2008 Quebec, PQ
Christmas Beermile
17 From Bottle Budweiser
Sam Ruh 11:28.0 22-Aug-2015 Sandton, Gauteng, South Africa
3rd All African
From Bottle Brutal Fruit unofficial
Sarath Samarasekera 11:20.0 13-Apr-1996 Calgary, AB
1st Bermuda Shorts Day (B.S.D.) Beer Mile
Chuck "Coppertone Bone" Samples 12:26.0 1-Jan-2006 San Diego, CA
Intergalactic Hash Winter Classic
52 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon
Stephan Samuel 13:33.0 18-Dec-2004 Morris County, NJ
2nd Annual New Jersey Beermile Championships
29 From Can Budweiser Vomit lap, 1st Clydesdale
Thomas Samuel 9:48.0 22-Dec-2009 Victoria, BC
6th Annual Dave Smart Beer Mile
19 From Can Lucky
Samuel Shanky DNF 23-Nov-2011 Northampton, Ma
NHS Coke Mile 2011
16 From Can Coca-Cola No balls
Sam "Shez" Shea 10:28.9 5-Dec-2001 greensburg, Pa
dukes beer mile
From Can Beast
Sam Shulman DNF 24-Apr-2015 Kingston, ON
420 Beer Mile For the Kids
21 From Can Lowenbrau Tall Cans
Sam "POW" Stephens 13:30.0 27-Jul-2007 Westlake, OH
Sum07 Beer Mile Extravaganza
22 From Can Guinness could've gone faster
Sam Uchmak 16:37.0 21-Nov-2004 London, ON
The 3rd Annual Western Fall Beer Mile - Women
From Can Old Milwaukee WAY better than last time
Sam Uchmak 27:12.0 13-Nov-2003 London, ON
The 2nd Annual Western Fall Beer Mile - Women
20 From Can Milwaukee's Best Slow and steady wins the race
Sam "Big Sammy" Voolich 9:17.0 15-Jul-2011 Undisclosed Location, Rhode Island
4th Annual FFKICBMC
Samantha "Matahor" Walker 18:36.8 14-Jul-2006 Houston, TX
2006 Summer Houston Hash Beer Mile
49 From Can Miller High Life