Scott Weispfennig

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NameTime Date Race Location Place Sex  Age   Beer  Notes
Weispfennig "Scott 2 Hot" Scott   10:41.0  01-21-06     1st Freeze Your Nuts MSU Winter Championship  Mankato, MN 2 M 20 Milwaukee's Best Ice, from can  Puked on 3rd lap, and killed the pentalty lap
Scott "Canadian Whore Lover" Weispfennig   8:32.0  05-16-06     North Branch Mini Beer Run  North Branch, MN M 20 Miller High Life, from can  After a strong start, Scott enjoyed his beer a little too much but held strong with a new PR
Scott "W" Weispfennig   10:01.3  05-18-08     Spring 2008 South Dakota Beer Mile Championships  Brookings, SD 2 M 23 Miller High Life, from can  seasoned veteran off his game today
Scott "2 Hot" Weispfennig   10:14.0  12-14-07     Beerlympics III  Mankato, MN 10 M 22 Michelob Light, from can  The beer proved to be to cold for Scott as he crossed the finish line well shy of his PR
Scott "2 Hot" Weispfennig   12:31.0  12-13-06     2nd annual MSU Winter Championship  Mankato, MN 2 M 21 Miller High Life, from can  Took the second lap hard and let it all come out, yet finished the penalty lap with style

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