World Records
Top Performances Drinking Corona

(not following "official" Kingston rules)

Name (* official)Time LocationRaceSex Age  Year  Beer Notes
1.James "Sanchez" Hansen   5:24.5   Bridport, Tasmania 2012 Tasmanian beer/chocolate mil...M182012Corona, bottle  5.24 unoffical aus record and one of the fastest ever
2.Andrew "Chup" Chuplis   6:42.0   Coral Gables, Florida Hurricane InviteM222008Corona, can  PR
3.Oli "Oil" Stanesby   6:47.0   Bridport, Tasmania 2012 Tasmanian beer/chocolate mil...M202012Corona, bottle  6.47 PB by alot
4.Norbey Gonzalez*   7:01.0   Morris County, NJ 7th Annual New Jersey Beermile Ch...M362010Corona, bottle  
5.Rich Burke*   7:03.0   Morris County, NJ 11th Annual New Jersey Beermile C...M462013Corona, bottle  
6.Paul White *   7:16.0    Spencer's 50th Birthday BashM2014corona, can  
7.Marc "Another Tinny Please" Lees   7:20.0   Encinitas, CA Encinitas Beer MileM332005Corona, can  Anzac Champion - First Timer
8.Hector Hernandez   7:21.0   Montreal, PQ McGill xc-swim team challengeM2008Corona, bottle  beer <5%
9.Heather "No Beer Fear" Fuhr   7:23.0   Encinitas, CA Encinitas Beer MileF372005Corona, can  Overall Female Champion - New Race Record
10.Chris "Lefty" Coons   7:34.0   Peterborough, ON Peterborough Beer Mile #3M312004Corona, bottle  Rookie Mile, He's got some potential!
11.John Teeples   7:40.0   Columbus, GA 3rd Annual Columbus Beer MileM452009Corona, bottle  
12.Gavin Mace   8:01.0   St. Leonards, Australia World record homecoming celebrationM2013corona, bottle  4 min PB, great run
13.Runner 2   8:04.0   Columbus, OH Twilight Miracle MileM2004Corona, bottle  
14.Tim Crosbie*   8:26.0   Rawlinson Track, Melbourn... 2012 Parkville Beer MileM2012Corona, bottle  
15.Tom Hess "Party Tom"    8:42.0   Miami, Gold Coast, Austra... Gold Coast Chunder MileM332009Corona, bottle  
16.Dennis    8:45.0   Irvine, CA City of Irvine Beer Mile Champion...M462012Corona, can  
17.Rob Durnford *   8:50.0    Spencer's 50th Birthday BashM2014corona, can  
18.Paula "Uno Mas" Newby-Fraser   9:15.0   Encinitas, CA Encinitas Beer MileF432005Corona, can  4th Female Overall
19.Jake Mcmahon   9:15.0   St. Leonards, Australia World record homecoming celebrationM2013corona, bottle  Impressive on debut
20.Randy Miller*   9:21.0   Morris County, NJ 8th Annual New Jersey Beermile Ch...M492010Corona, bottle  
21.Soccer Dude   9:30.0   Middletown, CT Wesleyan IM Championships1998Corona, bottle  
22.Lager Lout   9:30.0   Bronx, NY Beer Mile 2M542014Corona, can  debut, Top 100 Grand Master World Record in his debut? we would expect nothing less from this Lout who can now add beer mile to his running credentials
23.Richard Ahong *   9:58.0    Spencer's 50th Birthday BashM2014corona, can  
24.Andrew Boos   9:59.0   Montreal, PQ McGill xc-swim team challengeM2008Corona, bottle  beer <5%
25.Mike Roine *   10:20.0    Spencer's 50th Birthday BashM2014corona, can  
26.Spencer Lavis *   10:46.0    Spencer's 50th Birthday BashM2014corona, can  
27.JT "Rough & Tough" Clough   10:58.0   Encinitas, CA Encinitas Beer MileF402005Corona, can  
28.Micah Medinski   11:07.0   Edmonton, AB 2012 Edmonton Beer MileM182012Corona, bottle  
29.Brian Lyons   12:03.0   Launceston, Australia 2013 Tasmanian Beer Mile champion...M282013corona, bottle  
30.Gavin Mace   12:09.0   Launceston, Australia 2013 Tasmanian Beer Mile champion...M262013corona, bottle  
31.Keith "Calibrator" Poythress   12:21.0   Jacksonville, FL Owen Shott 3rd AnnualM402007Corona, can  came correct with racing flats but shoes don't speed up chugging pace
32.JC "I swear Corona is Legal" Hanley   12:38.0   Jacksonville, FL Owen Shott Memorial Beer MileF292005Corona, bottle  our only veteran, apparently looked up Corona's legality on another
33.Sean Wells*   12:59.0   Cambridge Ontario 1st Annual Cambridge BeermileM2010Corona, can  
34.Sandi K   13:09.0   Irvine, CA City of Irvine Beer Mile Champion...F492012Corona, bottle  Fast first 200 meters
35.Andy Vogel*   13:16.0   Morris County, NJ 8th Annual New Jersey Beermile Ch...M372010Corona, bottle  
36.Brett Paulitsch   13:20.0   Edmonton, AB 2012 Edmonton Beer MileM212012Corona, bottle  
37.Blows My Mind "BMM" *   13:44.0   Uni High, Los Angeles, CA Uni High Chunder Mile All StarsF302006Corona, bottle  Athena Division Winner
38.Alexandro "Sanchez" Allison*   13:58.0   Quebec, PQ Annual Quebec Endurance's Beer Mi...M192010Corona, bottle  DQ Illegal Drink...Si L'Homme Chaud a gagne, C'est qu'il avait une Seringue d'avance!
39.Horse's Ass "HA" *   14:00.0   Uni High, Los Angeles, CA Uni High Chunder Mile All StarsM282006Corona, bottle  Chundered (on new shoes), Penalty
40.Scott Cassidy*   14:24.0   Vancouver, BC 1st Annual New Years Eve Beer MileM182004Corona, bottle  Handsworth
41.4H "4H" *   14:55.0   Uni High, Los Angeles, CA Uni High Chunder Mile All StarsM342006Corona, bottle  High Socks
42.Brandon Basterach   15:21.0   Edmonton, AB 2012 Edmonton Beer MileM212012Corona, bottle  
43.x "Scott J."    15:40.0   Washington, DC D.C. Area Beer MileM2004Corona, cup  
44.Marylise Andre   16:08.0   Sherbrooke, PQ Initiation Cross-Country 2008F212008Corona, can  
45.Richard "Maverick" Armstrong   16:17.0   Montreal, PQ McGill fall beermileM2008Corona, bottle  penalty lap
46.Greg "Slow Chuggin Farmboy" Houben   17:34.0   Stratford, Ontario, Canada 1st Annual Stratford Winter Beer ...M312010Corona, bottle  
47.Dan ???   18:32.0   Sutherland High School, N... Goodbye Goetz International Beer ...M182004Corona,   
48.Taylor Walker   21:40.0   Toronto, ON UofT Engineering Rugby!M192008Corona, bottle  
49.IUD    22:06.0   Raeford, NC 2006 Carolina Trash H3 Shiggy Bee...M2006Corona, bottle  
50.Patricia Ko   34:44.0   Toronto, ON UofT Engineering Rugby!F192008Corona, bottle  
51.Marta "M Dawg" Wlodarska   DNF   Vancouver, BC 5th Annual iEtaPi Beer MileF282014Corona, bottle  First beer mile attempt
52.Tille Christer   DNF   Oskarshamn Oskarshamn Beermile312009Corona, bottle  
53.Ruth "RFB" Larson*   DNF   Boise, ID Boise Beer MileF2005corona,   Booted in the infield
54.Romuald Brieze   DNF   Sherbrooke, PQ Initiation Cross-Country 2008M252008Corona,   
55.Reinhart Dravetz *   DNF    Spencer's 50th Birthday BashM2014corona, can  

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