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Top Performances Drinking Molson Ex

(not following "official" Kingston rules)

Name (* official)Time LocationRaceSex Age  Year  Beer Notes
1.JF "Les Gosses" Gosselin*   6:38.0   Sherbrooke, PQ Initiation Cross-Country USherbro...M202006Molson Ex, can  Echappe sa gosse au 3e ramasse au 4e
2.JF "la roche" Gosselin*   6:58.0   Sherbrooke, PQ Sherbrooke Spring Beer-Off202006Molson Ex, can  
3.Philippe Brazeau*   7:08.0   Sherbrooke, PQ CIS Champion's 2007 BMM242007Molson Ex, can  
4.Mathieu "The Young Men" D?ry*   8:36.0   Quebec, PQ Annual Quebec Endurance's Beer Mi...M152009Molson Ex, bottle  3 Molson Ex (Bottle) and 1 Black Labeal (can)
5.Florien Bobeuf*   10:19.0   Sherbrooke, PQ CIS Champion's 2007 BMM282007Molson Ex, can  
6.Pierre-?tienne "Le Lanceur" Th?riault*   14:20.0   Sherbrooke, PQ CIS Champion's 2007 BMM212007Molson Ex, can  
7.Blaise Santerre*   14:21.0   Sherbrooke, PQ CIS Champion's 2007 BMM222007Molson Ex, can  
8.Clemence Trudel   16:26.0   Sherbrooke, PQ Initiation Cross-Country 2008F262008Molson Ex, can  
9.Frederick "Chill" Bouchard*   17:22.0   Sherbrooke, PQ Initiation Cross-Country USherbro...M222006Molson Ex, can  
10.Max Lajoie*   19:24.0   Sherbrooke, PQ Sherbrooke Spring Beer-Off212006Molson Ex, can  
11.Doug "Doug'er" Scott   26:00.0   Thunder Bay, ON Merry Men InvitationalM422009Molson Ex, can  He's a doctor
12.Simon-Pierre "Mopp-Topp" Landry*   29:53.0   Sherbrooke, PQ Initiation Cross-Country USherbro...M202006Molson Ex, can  Nobody gets DNF in Sherby

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