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Top Performances Drinking O'Douls

(not following "official" Kingston rules)

Name (* official)Time LocationRaceSex Age  Year  Beer Notes
1.Matt Curry   7:29.0   North Vancouver, Canada Matheson Mayer Christmas 2010M2010O'Douls, bottle  unofficial time - non-alcoholic
2.Ken Jones*   7:38.0   Victoria, BC Third Annual Dave Smart Tribute B...M2006O'Douls, can  Designated Driver
3.Terry "Clean Living" Taylor   8:25.0   Encinitas, CA Encinitas Beer MileM472005O'Douls, can  First Timer
4.Mark Harms   9:34.0   Madison, WI 3rd Annual Halloween Beer MileM2008O'Douls, can  Winner of NA event
5.Steve Patton   11:36.0   Madison, WI 4th Annual Halloween Beer MileM422009O'Douls, can  
6.Olsen Linda   25:11.9   Pensacola, Florida Thanksgiving Beer MileF592007O'Douls, can  
7.Stump Paddy   27:58.5   Pensacola, Florida Thanksgiving Beer MileF462007O'Douls, can  

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