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(not following "official" Kingston rules)

Name (* official)Time LocationRaceSex Age  Year  Beer Notes
1.Nick 2    7:45.0    6th Annual West Toronto ClassicM2013Stella,   
2.Brittany "Undergarments" Therrien   9:01.0   Montreal, PQ McGill fall beermileF2008Stella, bottle  
3.Mac Page   11:11.0   Edmonton, AB Edmonton beermileM182006Stella, can  Due to crutches he did a beer 800 and puked so he had a 200m penalty
4.Stick Byte*   11:28.0   Los Angeles, CA socal hash spring 2007 Beer mileM2007stella, bottle  no high heels
5.Micki Keenliside*   11:47.0   Victoria, BC 6th Annual Dave Smart Beer MileF342009Stella, can  
6.Sam McQeen*   13:10.0   Los Angeles, CA The Lesinski Invitational Beer MileM242011Stella, bottle  
7.Lars Peterson   13:25.0   Vancouver, BC FSRC 1st Anniversary BEER MILE!M292014Stella, can  
8.Cass "The Hospitalizer" Evans   13:34.0   Toronto, ON UofT Engineering Rugby!M202008Stella, bottle  He's gonna break your ankles
9.First Period*   14:22.0   Los Angeles, CA socal hash spring 2007 Beer mileF2007Stella, bottle  Beat Titty Bear
10.Tamera Brown*   15:39.0   South Pasadena, CA Beer MileF2014Stella, bottle  
11.Stefanie Tietz   17:30.0   Pullman, WA Beer Chasers Summer Beer Mile2013Stella, bottle  
12.Margaux "Leopard" Pontoreau-Bazinet   19:08.0   Montreal, PQ McGill fall beermileF2008Stella, bottle  
13.Damir Hot*   22:59.0   Main Mall, UBC, Vancouve... Eng. Phys. March Beer MileM192005Stella, bottle  

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