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Beer Alcohol by Volume

 - eligible for official beer mile time.

This list does not include all beers; anything at 5% or higher will work.
This is simply a guide.

Exception #1 (for you crazy Australians out there):
     If a "stubbie" has a minimum volume of 375ml, then alcohol contents of 4.8% and above are accepted as official.

#29 Spawn of Adam Bier10%
12 Horse Ale4.75%
14'ER ESB5.13%
Abbot Ale6%
Abita Amber7%
Ale of the Living Dead6%
AleSmith X5%
Allagash Double Ale7.6%
Allagash Dubbel Reserve7%
Allagash Grand Cru7.8%
Allagash Speciale Reserve5%
Allagash Tripel Reserve9%
Allagash White Beer5.5%
Alpha King Pale Ale5.8%
Amstel 18705%
Amstel Bockbier7%
Amstel Gold7%
Amstel Light3.5%
Amstel Meibock7%
Amstel Oud Bruin2.5%
Amstel Zomergerst5%
Anvil Ale ESB5.5%
Arapahoe Amber5.9%
Arrogant Bastard Ale7.2%
Artisan Vienna Lager5.9%
Bachelor ESB5.4%
Bee Sting Honey Ale5.9%
Belgian White5.4%
Belk's ESB6.8%
Benchwarmer Porter6.3%
Berghoff Famous Amber Ale5.6%
Berghoff Famous Bock Beer5.4%
Berghoff Genuine Dark Beer5.4%
Berghoff Hefe-Weizen5.2%
Berghoff Honey Wheat4.1%
Berghoff Oktober Fest Beer5.2%
Berghoff Original Lager Beer5.5%
Bert Grant's Scottish Ale4.7%
Bigfoot Barley Wine Style Ale 20019.6%
Black Jack Porter6.4%
Blackhook Porter5.43%
Blind Faith5.9%
Blue Heron Pale Ale6.1%
Blue Moon5.4%
Bobby Dazzler6.5%
Boont Amber Ale5.8%
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout '00-'018.5%
Brooklyn Brown Ale5.2%
Brooklyn East India Pale Ale7%
Brooklyn Lager5%
Brooklyn Monster Ale 200011.8%
Brooklyn Pennant Pale Ale '555.2%
Brooklyn Pilsner4.8%
Bud Dry5.0%
Bud Ice5.5%
Bud Ice Light4.1%
Bud Light4.2%
Burnham Pilsner4.2%
Burning River Pale Ale6%
Busch Beer4.6%
Busch Ice5.8%
Busch Light4.2%
Busch NA0.4%
Buzzards Bay Golden Ale4.3%
Buzzards Bay West Porter5.2%
Cascade Ale4.6%
Celebration Ale 20006.8%
Cleveland Brown Ale6.8%
Colt 456.1%
Coors Extra Gold5.0%
Coors Light4.2%
Deep Cover Brown Ale4.30%
Denver Pale Ale5.6%
Deschutes Jubelale 20006.7%
Doc Otis5.0%
Dominion Ale4.7%
Dominion Lager5.4%
Dortmunder Gold5.8%
Double Bastard10%
Edmund Fitzgerald Porter5.8%
Eliot Ness6.2%
Eye of the Hawk8%
Fat Angel5%
Flying Fish Belgian Style Dubbel7.3%
Flying Fish ESB Ale5.5%
Full Sail Amber6%
Full Sail ESB5.5%
Full Sail Pale Ale5.4%
Full Sail Pilsner5.4%
Full Sail Stout6.2%
Full Sail Whitecap5%
Geary's American Ale4.8%
Geary's Summer Ale6%
Genesee Beer4.5%
Genny Light3.6%
Guinness Draught (UK, Ireland, Europe)4.2%
Guinness Draught (Canada)5.0%
Guinness Draught (US, Australia, Japan)6.0%
Haffenreffer Private Stock6.87%
Hampshire Special Ale -- Millennium7%
Harpoon IPA5.9%
Harpoon Octoberfest5.5%
Harpoon Winter Warmer5.5%
Heart of Darkness5.3%
Helles Lager5%
Hibernation Ale8.1%
High Life5%
High Life Lite4.5%
Hocus Pocus5%
Hop Jack Pale Ale5%
HopDevil Ale6.7%
Horn Dog Barley Wine Style Ale10.5%
Huber Premium Beer4.5%
Ice House5%
Immort Ale11%
Imperial Porter7%
Indian Brown Ale7.2%
Ipswich Original Ale5.6%
Island Export Beer4.3%
Jackman's American Pale Ale5.2%
Jeff Butler Brewery Dark Autumn Ale10.5%
Juju Ginger Ale4%
K-9 Cruiser5.9%
Keystone Ice5.9%
Keystone Light4.2%
Keystone Premium4.4%
Killian Red4.9%
King Cobra5.9%
King Cobra Premium Malt Liquor5.9%
Laughing Lab Scottish-Style Ale5.3%
Long Trail Double Bag7.2%
Lost Sailor India Pale Ale5.85%
Magnum 406%
Mass Transit Ale5%
Meister Brau4.5%
Meister Brau Light4.5%
Michael Shea's Irish Amber4.62%
Michelob Amber Bock5.2%
Michelob Gldn DrftLight4.1%
Michelob Golden Draft4.8%
Michelob Hefeweizen5.0%
Michelob Honey Lager4.9%
Michelob Light4.3%
Michelob Pale Ale5.2%
Michelob Premium Beer5%
Millennium (2000)10.4%
Miller Genuine Draft5%
Miller Genuine Draft Light5%
Miller Light4.5%
Milwaukee Best4.5%
Milwaukee Best Ice5.5%
Milwaukee Best Light4.5%
Mirror Pond Pale Ale5%
Natural Ice5.9%
Natural Light4.2%
New River Pale Ale5.6%
Nine Man Golden Ale4.3%
Obsidian Stout6.75%
Old Boardhead Barleywine Ale 199910.6%
Old Fezziwig Ale5.6%
Old Foghorn, '969%
Old Knucklehead 19979.1%
Old Slugger5.5%
Old Thumper5.7%
Olde Buzzard Lager5%
Olde Buzzard Pale Ale5.6%
Oranjeboom Oud Bruin2.5%
Oranjeboom Pilsener5.0%
Original Coors5%
Perkuno's Hammer Imperial Porter8.3%
Pete's Oktoberfest5.6%
Pickwick Ale4.7%
Pine Mountain Pilsner5.1%
Prelude Special Ale7.5%
Raison D'Etre8%
Rare Vos6.5%
Red Dog5%
Red Rush5.3%
Red Wolf5.4%
Redhook Blonde Ale5.37%
Redhook ESB5.69%
Redhook Hefe-Weizen5.19%
Redhook IPA6.5%
Redhook Nut Brown Ale5.64%
Robert The Bruce9.1%
Rolling Rock4.5%
Samuel Adams Boston Ale (Stock Ale)4.94%
Samuel Adams Boston Lager4.75%
Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat5.2%
Samuel Adams Cream Stout4.69%
Samuel Adams Double Bock8.45%
Samuel Adams Golden Pilsner4.63%
Samuel Adams I.P.A.5.93%
Samuel Adams OctoberFest5.7%
Samuel Adams Pale Ale5.25%
Samuel Adams Scotch Ale5.4%
Samuel Adams Spring Ale5.2%
Samuel Adams Summer Ale5.2%
Samuel Adams Winter Lager6.94%
Saranac Adirondack Amber5.4%
Saranac Black & Tan5.4%
Saranac Black Forest5.5%
Saranac Lager4.7%
Saranac Pilsner5.3%
Sawtooth Ale4.75%
Schell FireBrick5.1%
Schell German Pale Ale5.8%
Schell Pils5.5%
Schmaltz's Alt5%
Shelter Pale Ale5%
Shipyard Bluefin Stoutunknown%
Shipyard Light Ale3.9%
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale5.6%
Sierra Nevada Porter5.6%
Sierra Nevada Stout5.8%
Sierra Nevada Wheat Beer4.4%
Southpaw Light5%
St. Brigid's Porter6%
St. Ides Malt Liquor8.2%
Stone 4th Anniversary IPA8.5%
Stone India Pale Ale6.9%
Stone Pale Ale5.4%
Stone Smoked Porter5.9%
Strike Out Stout4.6%
Summerfest 20005%
Sweet Betty Blonde Ale4.3%
Tabernash Dunkel Weiss4.75%
Tabernash Oktoberfest6.5%
Tabernash Pilsner5%
Tabernash Weiss Beer4.9%
Three Floyds Extra Pale Ale4.2%
Tuppers' Hop Pocket Pils5%
Victory Amber Lager5.2%
Wassail Winter Ale6.5%
Whitewater Wheat Ale5.3%
Wild Raspberry Ale5.6%
Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale 20006.9%
Winterhook Winter Ale5.58%
XX Lager4.45%

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