Twilight Beermile 2009
Thunder Bay, ON
April 19, 2009

created by user dream_atlas

Conditions: Cold: +3, Overcast, Drizzle


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Robb Martin 7:05 M 21 From Can variety pack next time arrive on time and bring your own beer!!
2 Cole Anderson 7:46 M 19 From Bottle canadian 5 sec. penalty for spitting up beer. impressive race for a first timer, but should potentially be disqualified. Because it's your first time we wont DQ you, but next time I wont be so generous.
3 Mike O'Conner 9:00 M From Can Old Milwaukee excellent race, especially for a Masters racer.
4 Jean Michel MacKay 9:39 M 24 From Can Sleeman's Draught great pb from last beermile
5 Jon Boo 10:21 M 23 From Can Lakeport Ale great time for a first beermile and met his goal of beating Liz. Congrats!
6 Cameron Ried 10:22 M 22 From Can Lakeport Pilsner first timer
7 Kaylie Iserhoff 10:36 F 19 From Can Sleeman's Draught first female and amazing pb from last race!
8 Doug Scott 11:23 M From Can Old Milwaukee The Doctor impresses us once again with his drinking abilities and should be an example for us all.
9 Liz Van Every 12:28 F 21 From Bottle Mclays Penalty Lap. Disappointing finish, had the chance for a pb but puked and lost her composure.
10 Dave Witiluk 13:21 M 22 From Bottle Canadian Penalty Lap. The Old Man had an impressive race despite a lot of vomiting.
11 Ben Zaporzan 14:16 M 20 From Can Heineken
12 Lisa Alaimo 14:34 F 20 From Bottle Canadian Impressive finish for the Lazer. She has great untapped potential as a beermiler
13 Melanie Mclean 15:05 F 20 From Can variety pack Penalty Lap. This lady showed up as a spectator and decided to race despite a bad cold. In her prime she has the potential to break world records!
14 Rob Moore 17:47 M 32 From Can Old Milwaukee It is rumoured he did tall cans...
15 Chris Hamilton 17:48 M 20 From Can Alexander Keith's He needs to spend more time with the running team, then perhaps he'll learn the beermiling ways.
16 Heather Hillsburg 24:34 F 26 From Can Lakeport Honey Her ultimate beermile goal is to go under 22, I think she can go under 20 at least.
17 Jason Pinard DNF M 29 From Can Black Ice 750ml He attempted the impossible by drinking 4 7.5% 750ml cans of Black Ice and made it through 3! Although he DNF Jason is a role model to us all for his bravery

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Race Notes:

This was the first beermile hosted in Thunder Bay in a couple of years to my knowledge, but had a great field of racers regardless. The winner of this year's beermile was also the champion of the fall Tequila 2km race, Robb Martin. We need to recruit some more runners and train a bit harder to give him a run for his money next time!

The only discrepancy is these race results is the issue of Cole Anderson. In the rules it does not specify whether spitting up beer counts as vomiting or not, and therefore it is impossible to say whether or not his race time should be a DQ. As the final judge of this race I have decided to allow his time to stand, but with a 5 sec. penalty. Next time though Cole, I wont be so generous. Swallow your beer!