Loughborough AC Chunder Mile 2006
Loughborough, United Kingdom
June 1, 2006

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Queen's Chunder Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 20oz Beers Cups 5% Alcohol Beer Vomiting Allowed


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Name Time Gender Beer Notes
1 Chris Parr 5:08.7 M Half Carling, Half Strongbow Cider
2 Peter Holmes 10:14 M

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Race Notes:

30 competitors, 600 spectators

Last night at Loughborough University, England, Chris Parr broke the British 'Chunder Mile' record.

Drinking pints of Nasty (splash of blackcurrant, half carling, half strongbow cider) he took two seconds off the former record of James Hogg who's attempt was reported by The Guardian: http://sport.guardian.co.uk/news/story/0,10488,1382511,00.html

Having finised an exam at 6pm, the Parrsmeister was talked into running the event, although had another exam at 9am the next day.
With the British rules of drinking pints (570ml) and no extra laps required for throwing up, an electric pace was sustained and the record fell.

Background to the athlete:
Chris Parr is from Gateshead, and has a family line of athletics prowess. A top class runner with Great Britain junior status to his name Parrsy was in top form coming into the Chunder Mile having broken his 1500m PB in Ireland the weekend before with a 3:46.53 clocking.

Background to the event:
The Loughborough Chunder Mile has become a tradition ever since it first started when students fancied a 'new challenge'. After the final match race of the year (Loughborough Students vs. Oxford & Cambridge Unis vs. British Police) the race has been run with the top times in the country coming from this event.
Midweek an impressive 5:33 had been laid down at nearby Nottingham University by Peter Kellie and so a fast time was needed to keep the season's best performance at the Loughborough track.