Loughborough AC Chunder Mile 2007
Loughborough, United Kingdom
June 1, 2007

created by user beermile


Queen's Chunder Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 20oz Beers Cups 5% Alcohol Beer Vomiting Allowed


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Name Time Gender Beer Notes
1 Will Clarke 5:09 M
2 James Hogg 5:10 M
3 Stu Morland 5:33 M
4 Paul Hutton 5:41 M
5 Tom Carter 6:03 M
6 James Balley 6:18 M
7 Dan Teasel 6:31 M
8 Alan Wales 6:37 M
9 Louis Darrock 7:18 M
10 Richard Belton 8:19 M
11 Phil Jameson 8:28 M

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Race Notes:


4 pints, 4 laps

The Chunder Mile consists of 4 pints and 4 laps with the first pint being consumed before the running of the first lap. Its the event for all hardcore athletes and drinkers, combing pure athletics ability with ultimate dowing skills and even the ability to be sick and get it all out quickly! Its also much more hardcore than the American equivalent - the Beer Mile which involves 4 small cans! Slight variations of the conventional chunder mile include the custard mile and the gravy mile.

A pint is a standard UK pint i.e. 20 fluid ounces / 568mililitres and they must be finished before starting the next lap and spillage is strictly not permitted but participants are allowed a helper who passes the next pint to them. The current world record is 5.08.7mins set by Chris Parr from Loughborough Uni.