5th Annual Jacksonville Beer Mile
Jacksonville, FL
May 23, 2009

created by user harrierwon

Conditions: 73, humid, overcast


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Owen Shott 6:13 M 29 From Can Coors State Record like it aint no thing
2 Todd Neville 6:25 M 35 From Can Budweiser Brought heat from St. Aug
3 Josh Myers 6:28 M 26 From Can Budweiser victory will not escape his grasp next time
4 Patrick Canfield 6:57 M 22 From Can Budweiser Thats that heat ya heard?
5 Mike Lemus 7:20 M 26 From Can Budweiser Rookie of the Beer award winner
6 Justin Breidenstein 7:27 M 32 From Can Budweiser dropped a steamer on some fools
7 Tripp Southerland 7:31 M 24 From Can Budweiser thats with the penalty lap, Dirty South Stand up!
8 Dane Simmons 7:35 M 23 From Can Budweiser unleashed a ludicrous 9:00 2nd beer mile to win the 2nd heat
9 Matthew DiPaolo 7:37 M 39 From Can Budweiser beer+DiPaolo=buckwhilo
10 Mike Cummings 7:54 M 45 From Can Coors Aint no stoppin pops
11 Rick Patterson 8:00 M 39 From Bottle Red Stripe mediocrity
12 Mike Kreszewski 8:09 M 27 From Can Heineken he ran the hook n ladder play
13 Keith Poythress 8:16 M 45 From Can Budweiser consistency the key to narrowly avoiding getting girled
14 Jo Shott 8:17 F 29 From Can Coors She came to get down
15 Rob Miller 8:38 M 28 From Bottle Modello got girled on strong debut
16 Bruce Choi 9:25 M 33 From Can Budweiser 3rd best puke award
17 John Funk 9:36 M 31 From Bottle Modello PR on his birthday
18 Lexi Riley 9:45 F 10 Chocolate Milk we're training the next Jo Shott on an 11 year plan
19 Darren DeTorres 11:40 M 21 From Can Budweiser the most spectacular regurgitation in event history
20 Angela Crum 12:25 F 31 From Can Budweiser strong debut
21 Chuck Emerson 14:25 M 22 From Can Budweiser it was a long day for the chuck
22 James Vavrina 15:06 M 33 From Can Budweiser un autre anos popi
23 JC Pinto 16:57 F 31 From Can Heineken 4th lap hurl came out of nowhere
24 Hillary Adams 21:41 F 21 From Can Coors theres no quit in this crowd favorite

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Race Notes:

A weeks worth of rain was nothing compared to the fury of flying chowder and both state records going down.