Strategic Toolbox 3rd Annual Beer Mile Invitational
Brooklyn Park, MN, United States
August 12, 2017

created by user Strategic Toolbox


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Ben Feret 9:40 M 35 From Bottle Michelob Gldn DrftLight running time getting slower with age and general shape, but beer time still strong
2 Danny Birch 11:25 M 28 From Bottle Michelob Gldn DrftLight paired against the wild card Dock, Birch kept his composure and delivered a heat victory and second place overall time
3 Aaron Docken 11:27 M 34 From Bottle Michelob Gldn DrftLight went 10 seconds on the first beer followed by a 1:33 first 1/4 mile putting him on an aggressive pace. 2:34 on the last beer put him 28 seconds behind the heat leader going into the last run. Nearly pulled off the heat victory coming up 2 seconds short to a sputtering Birch
4 Justin Herbert 11:48 M 31 From Bottle Michelob Gldn DrftLight rescheduled his family reunion so that he could make the beer mile for the first time. 4th place overall, but 1st place in the 1 achilles division
5 Bryan Patrick 12:36 M 33 From Bottle Michelob Gldn DrftLight one of the group's more consistent performers putting up his 3rd consecutive time in the 12m range. Running in heat one against a guy with a torn hamstring and another guy with only 32 oz of stomach capacity took the pressure off Bryan to break the 12m mark
6 Lech Literski 14:32 M 33 From Bottle Michelob Gldn DrftLight with one functioning hamstring, overcame 8/1 vegas odds to "place" in heat 1. Beer drinking times were good, but the wheels were starting to come off on the last 2 runs. Have to commend him on participation since he was a "firm out" on competing to start the day.
7 Rob Veith 21:23 M 26 From Bottle Michelob Gldn DrftLight strong proof that physical fitness and beer mile times don't correlate in the amateur division. Rob ran a gingerly 8 min mile, but took 11:30 on the last two beers. also showed off a classic move of putting the bottle to his mouth and plugging the hole with his tongue to appear drinking
8 Fred Williams 25:04 M 36 From Bottle Michelob Gldn DrftLight There was a timer malfunction, so the official time was likely closer to 25:08. Had a strong chance to finish in 7th place if he could have got the last beer down in less than 10 min. Fred is a good example of how capacity can hinder a beer miler. silver place in the 1 achilles division though.

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Race Notes:

8 person race after playing Brooklyn Park softball tournament