Beer Mile World Classic: 2017 Men
Allianz Park, London England
August 12, 2017

created by user nmacfalls


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage


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Name Time Gender Age Nationality Beer Notes
1 Chris Robertson 4:52.17 M USA: World Champion
2 Garrett Cullen 5:02.88 M USA: First Podium
3 Brandon Shirck 5:08.77 M From Bottle Bud Light Platinum USA: Second Podium Finish
4 Jim Finlayson 5:11.27 M 44 From Bottle Sleeman's CAN: Legend
5 Gabe Ghiglione 5:17.88 M 22 CAN: Rookie
6 Corey Gallagher 5:18.16 M From Bottle Bud Light Platinum CAN: First World Classic
7 Michael Johnson 5:22.02 M USA:
8 John Tayleur 5:24.95 M ENG: Rookie
9 Andy Norman 5:44.48 M ENG: Also announced Women's Race
10 Reed Lyon 5:55.79 M USA
11 Todd Rose 5:56.76 M 43 From Can Budweiser USA
12 David Hellard 6:13.13 ENG
13 Michael Ryan Cunningham 6:32.74 M USA
14 John Markell 6:33.49 M CAN
15 Gilles Le Moigne 6:38.72 M FRA: First French Beer Miler; National Record
16 Michael Whitehead 7:03.29 M AUS; Rookie
17 Tyler Denniston 8:50.2 M SCOT: Puked. Only Scottish Finisher
18 Laurie Luscombme 29:59 M ENG: DQ
19 Richard Waldron 29:59 M ENG; DQ
20 Dale Clutterbuck 29:59 M ENG: DQ and DNF
21 Phil Parrot Migas 29:59 M CAN: DQ
22 Scott Stirling 29:59 M SCOT: DQ
23 Charlie Blanch 29:59 AUS
24 Matty Rallison 29:59 SCOT: DQ
25 Jonnie Currie 29:59 SCOT; DQ

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Race Notes:

This race was won by USA's Chris Robertson. Tactically brilliant in defeating England's Chunder Mile Record Holder, Dale Clutterbuck who had a reversal of fortune in the last chug zone. There were 6 DQ's in the top section and 2 in the B section. The results on this page combined the 2 heats.