Elite Beverage Mile
Calgary, AB, Canada
November 19, 2017

created by user Austin "Shotgun" Gri


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Liyang 6:20 M 23 An absolute monster, came out of nowhere to take the W
2 Alec 7:12 M 20 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde The predicted favorite, clearly took a fat L. Should get iron checked.
3 Joe 7:15 M Big boy from laurier thought he could take the W. Probably the best runner of the field, shitty drinker for a laurier guy.
4 Austin G 7:30 M 18 From Bottle Flying Monkeys Amber Ale Predicted to medal, clearly is too shit at running for that. Closed in 57. Has potential.
5 Tucker 7:39 M 20 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde Another strong favourite. Just didn't have the legs in the final 400 to hold off the disgusting kick of Shot Gun Griz
6 Sandy 7:44 No clue who this guy is, good run though buddy. A1.
7 Bettina 7:57 An aboslute monster from the your friendly neighborhood high school, laurier. Definitely has to be a waterloo womens record.
8 Tim 8:02 Good run
9 TJ 8:30 A monster drinker, unfortunately needs to work on the running.
10 Dinesh 8:48 Great showing for the rook. Has potential for the future.
11 Connor 8:58 Just barely got sub 9, great run.
12 Alyssa 8:59 Uwaterloo's fucking animal. Clearly spent too much time knocking bitched out and not drinking beers, probably had sub 4:00 potential.
13 Orion 9:12 Good race.
14 Ronan 11:42 Clearly man was not hot today, perhaps the jacket restricted his stride, perhaps he brought ketchup instead of raw sauce, perhaps he forgot the sauce all together.
15 Emily 18:54 Probably drank her body weight in beer, solid race
16 Tyler 18:54 Just didn't have the legs to outkick the monster than is Emily.
17 Nick 22:51 Now we know a 4 flat 1500 roughly converts to a 23 minute beer mile.
18 Chris 30:111 The guy can probably almost run a 10k faster than he can do a beer mile. For such a good drinker and such a good runner he should be sub 7 material. Maybe one day he'll put it together.

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Race Notes:

Biggest Beer Mile in town.