American Gothic Gravel Invitational & Beer Mile
Marion, IA, USA
November 17, 2018

created by user pylvisaker


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage


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Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Barry Breffle 7:23 M 47 From Bottle Kirin Kirin World Record!
2 Nick Quanrud 8:06 M From Can Coors Banquet
3 Rob McKillip 10:46 M 56 From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon PBR Giraffe Suit World Record!
4 Bill Higgins 17:09 M 48

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Race Notes:


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