Singapore Beer Mile 2018
Singapore, MOE Evans Road Track
December 15, 2018

created by user jbesnaud


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage


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Name Time Gender Beer Notes
1 Stefan Herr 6:32 M From Can Probably Water New Singapore Record !
2 Hamish Livingstone 7:11 M From Bottle Little Creatures Great Debuts
3 Jerome Besnaud 8:27 M From Can Tiger 3rd podium in a row
4 Matt Brown 8:28 M From Can San Miguel Always watch behind until it's over
5 Tsubasa Nakamura 8:41 M From Can Kirin Beer Gourmet
6 Tom Haines 8:50 M From Can Beacon Pilsner
7 Mark Philips 8:52 M From Can Asahi Multiports
8 Tirthankar Datta 8:59 M From Can Sapporo Working on transitions
9 Stephane Herve 9:06 M From Can Carlsberg
10 Yuji Mohori 9:10 M From Can Tiger
11 Rayner Huang 9:47 M From Can Tiger
12 Valentin Cuzzucoli 10:11 M Vaporfly doesn't help to drink
13 Adam Ahmad 10:27 M
14 Stephane Ouchouche 10:42 M Expected to be better trained on beers
15 Gil Madrid 12:21 M Loyal Drinker
16 Hayashi Keiichi 12:38 M
17 Kok Wan See 13:10 M New PB !
18 Cherrish Seah 14:55 F 1st Women !
19 Guy Red Shirt 14:55 M
20 Hiang Chye Chang 20:30 M
21 Choon Han Lee 20:46 M
22 Jess Teo 20:50 F
23 Andy Que 20:51 M
24 Anita PonPon Tng 22:49 M
25 Jillian Lam 24:38 F
26 Kiyomi Fujioka 25:35 F Extra Lap (Brave and Honest)
27 Vanja Cnops DNF F DQ (Relay with Rie)
28 Rie Sugaya DNF F DQ (Relay with Vanja)
29 David Stevenson DNF M DNS. Last min chicken out?
30 Ian Deeth DNF M DNS. Is he really strong enough ?
31 Vincent Casanova DNF DNS after last year's DNF

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