HDRC Dundas Beer Mile VII
Dundas Ontario Canada
July 5, 2019

created by user O2BCool


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Adam Palmer 8:10 M 31 From Can Beau's Lug Tread Three-Peat! First ever in this race's history! Thrived with being pushed by a different CrossFitter this year!
2 Juston Glover 8:16 M 31 From Can Budweiser HUGE FIRST TIME RESULT! Was running & chugging like his mother-in-law was chasing him...but she wasn't (she had better things to do)!
3 Ryan Lewis 9:36 M 29 From Can Molson Canadian Repeats his 3rd place finish AND competed in a CrossFit comp the next morning #Dedicated.
4 Leslie Baier 9:41 F 40 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde Not much known about this first-time HDRC Dundas Beer Miler...but she's known now with that time! Congrats!
5 Andrew Pieon 10:46 M 34 From Can Coors Banquet First-time Beer Miler turned his CrossFit prowess into a fine inaugural performance!
6 Lorraine Gavloski 11:09 F 46 Podium appearance YET AGAIN! Won the 'last to leave the party' award too. #PRO
7 Brandon Maddock 11:22 M 31 From Can Coors Banquet Recently grad from CrossFit Kick-Starters, now a first-time Beer Miler. A lot of firsts in this young man's life recently...
8 Karel Svoboda 11:46 M 41 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde Busted his time from last year wide open! Climbing up the leader board year after year!
9 Taylor MacKinnon 11:58 M 28 From Can Beau's Lug CHUNDER - First-time Beer Miler took this year's Chunder award for fastest time with Chunder! Congratulations!
10 Sean Lowe 11:59 M 30 From Can Alexander Keith's Second timer, and word is he didn't fall down this year!
11 MacKenzie Oliver 12:45 M 27 From Can Budweiser Another Dundas Beer Mile first timer who made his mark! Should have had the ear buds in playing Rural Alberta Advantage...next year...
12 Rich Gelder 12:54 M 50 From Can Molson Ex The only Ex drinker in the field, struggled through a back injury, hosting pre, AND handling announcing duties. Still not distracted and posted an amazing time!
13 Thomas Forsythe 13:00 M 26 From Can Coors Banquet Thomas' warm-up drinking didn't go unnoticed. Gained a tone of Beer Mile cred before the gun even went off.
14 Jessy Blackadar 14:22 F 30 From Can Coors Banquet Destroyed her inaugural time from last year by almost 4 minutes & made it onto the podium!
15 Jeff Pattinson 14:40 M 58 From Can Okanagen Springs Sleeper entry and burst onto the HDRC Dundas Beer Mile scene with a splash! He won't be an unknown in 2020.
16 Jinny Im 15:10 F 24 From Can Budweiser Another Beer Mile newbie with a great result...was afraid to have her BF's dad come to watch. though...
17 Matt Paulitro 17:20 M 31 From Can Papst Blue Ribbon Sneaky fast time for another first-timer (?).
18 Chris Brewer 18:21 F 30 From Can Budweiser Exploded onto the Beer Mile scene with this, her first race! Awesome time set as her PB!
19 Paula Trainor 18:30 F 41 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde A perenial HDRC Dundas Beer Miler and always high on the leader board. Like many, the heat took its toll but everyone knows she'll be back strong in '20.
20 Paul Mitchell 19:30 M 59 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde Oldest racer in the field, but can still count...hammered Campbell trying to finish before the finish line. Smart as a whip and just as FAST as one!
21 Derek Ellerker 21:48 M 41 From Can Budweiser Bravest racer out there this year.Doesn't drink as a life choice yet jumps in with both feet and a wide open mouth! Sense he'll be a story-line leading up to the race in 2020.
22 Drew Casford 23:01 F 26 From Can Coors Banquet Yet another Beer Mile first-timer who, with this time, proved CrossFit's goal of, 'constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity' crosses over to BEER DRINKING!
23 Becca Collins-? 24:53 F 33 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde Chatter around the gym suggests Becca is hooked on this damned race...will be subtle checking her gym locker at ODEON for empties...
24 John M Campbell 25:42 M 57 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde CHUNDER - Slow start and his first-ever Beer Mile Chunder. Not one for the books.
25 Emily AM Campbell 26:30 F 23 From Can Coors Banquet CHUNDER - Em's Dad quietly applauded the Chunder, allowing him to sneak past her for the Campbell family win!
26 Jon Fry 30:41 M 47 From Bottle Coors Banquet No chunder? Next year we need Jon to bring his drone...
27 Kirsten Webb 34:06 F 23 From Can Budweiser Another member of the 30+ Min group; the kids didn't shine this year...
28 Meghan Smith 35:06 F 23 From Can Coors Banquet Meghan along with both Campbells tarnishing UWO Mustang Beer Mile Cred (sorry Kent Lewis!).
29 Kevin McIntyre 35:08 M 21 From Can Coors Banquet Need to check the tapes...with that time are we sure there wasn't a Chunder?
30 Kayla Tinsley 36:20 F 30 From Can Beau's Lug Again to the tapes...no Chunder? Need more WODs with running it seems...
31 Liz Antunes Dowling 45:52 F 42 From Bottle Coors Banquet CHUNDER! - Chunders here, there, & everywhere!
32 Mary Unsworth DNF F 41 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde No one said the Beer Mile was easy. Used it as a learning experience and is sure to bounce back in 2020!

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Race Notes:

Another epic HDRC Dundas Beer Mile...lots of heat, humid, and ancillary Fireball shots lead to what officials believe may have been a Chunder record...