2020 New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
Tauranga Domain
August 1, 2020

created by user ckone


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage


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Name Time Gender Nationality Beer Notes
1 Andrew Lloyd 5:27 M From Bottle Budweiser The NZ God of beer miling
2 Kalib Guy 6:03 M From Bottle Budweiser Delivered a knockout to claim 2nd
3 Craig Kirkwood 6:48 M From Bottle Budweiser CK takes another podium. 13yrs in a row doing the NZ Beer mile Champs
4 Max Gordon 7:11 M From Bottle Budweiser Dinosaur
5 Regan Bones 7:23 M From Bottle Budweiser Waikato cow cock ie
6 Brad McNarmara 7:23 M From Bottle Budweiser Wetsuits man
7 Kyle Macdonald 7:34 M From Can Moa Reindeer
8 Sister Sam 7:37 M From Can VB Victoria Bitter Amen
9 Frank Smith 8:11 M From Can Coopers Brewery Batman
10 Pete Edmondson 8:45 M From Can Speights Wolf Pack
11 Hamish Miller 9:03 M From Bottle Budweiser Neil Armstong couldn't handle the G forses and spewed
12 Lachlan Haycock 9:14 M From Bottle Budweiser Super confused
13 Andrew Williamson 10:00 M From Bottle Budweiser Aerobics instructor
14 Tony Derry 11:05 M From Can Fosters Surgeon
15 Harry Low 11:22 M From Bottle Budweiser Napolena Dynamite
16 Greg Hughes 12:58 M From Bottle VB Victoria Bitter Batman #2
17 Ben Cantley 13:04 M From Can VB Victoria Bitter Cheersquad
18 Jai Davies-Campbell 13:23 M From Can NZ Lager Hamilton Mexican
19 Jake Jackson-Grammer 13:29 M From Can VB Victoria Bitter Hamilton Mexican
20 Oliver Brown 16:30 M From Can Speights Summit Black Fleece
21 Julia Ansorge 17:01 F From Bottle Budweiser Tinkerbell & NZ Beer Mile Champion
22 Inde Halligan 18:11 F From Can VB Victoria Bitter Farmer spew
23 Vivian Conway 18:32 F From Bottle Budweiser Awesome shark costume
24 Sarah Williams 18:50 F From Bottle Budweiser Tigger
25 Callum Knox DNF M From Bottle Budweiser DNF
26 Ava Goodison DNF F From Bottle Budweiser Superwoman for 1 lap

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Race Notes:

Cold, windy overcast day. All beer mile rules were followed.