18th Annual New Jersey Beer Mile Championships
Secret location NJ Track
December 27, 2020

created by user bigbrian


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Mike Dixon 7:21 M 38 From Bottle Blue Moon Multi time winner
2 Barry Lass 7:28 M 57 From Bottle Blue Moon Former 50+ World Record Holder
3 Steve Cozine 8:02 M 52 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum
4 Alan Connell 8:06 M 50 From Bottle Bass 18 years and still can't win
5 Graeme Macclenan 8:09 M From Can Budweiser Wore a kilt and nothing under
6 Brian Tobin 8:17 M 47 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum Steve's brother-in-law
7 Chris Della Serra 8:27 M 30 From Can Budweiser
8 Rocco Della Serra 8:54 M 59 From Can Budweiser Let his son beat him
9 Dave A 9:20 From Bottle Bud Light Platinum
10 Cameron Smith 9:42 M 46 From Can Coors Banquet Drank a 5th 'bonus beer'
11 Steve Phillips 10:30 M 30 From Can Budweiser
12 Scott Brooks 10:43 M Budweiser
13 Paula Elejalde 12:27 F From Can Bud Light Platinum Spanker her daughter
14 Ted Maglione 12:57 M 60 From Can Great Lake Double First time in a few years
15 Tony Kharitonov 14:30 M 52 From Bottle Blue Moon Ukrainian Disinformation Specialist
16 Amy Brooks 15:22 F From Can Voodoo Husband refused to drink last beer for her
17 Arland Macasieb 16:20 M 45 From Can Shock Top Philippine record holder?
18 Pete Joachim 17:20 M From Bottle Heineken 10 Weeks out from a hip replacement
19 Christina Elejalde 19:30 F 21 From Can Bud Light Platinum Clearly not going to enough keg parties

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Race Notes:

Perfect conditions besides being in the middle of a pandemic. We owe Grace a huge thanks for being the timer and driver and buying pizza (which I owe her for), would have been a disaster without her.