Sunshine Coast Beer Mile 2020
Brightwater Oval
February 20, 2021

created by user katemas


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Beer Notes
1 Anthony Rule 6:19 M Sapporo Go Ruley - another brilliant run - great time with some great competition
2 James Lester 6:24 M Corona Nice run James - some good change of lead and great speed on the last lap
3 Robin Stead 7:08 M Corona Nice sprint finish at the end to claim 3rd
4 Ian Donaldson 7:11 M Corona Some crazy training for this one - I still can't believe the 11s jug scull after a marathon!
5 Alistair Young 7:13 M Corona Right up there with the pace Alistair - a bunch of you close together
6 Chris Billington 7:16 M Corona Last minute rego - didn't disappoint!
7 Dan Crabtree 7:59 M Corona Thanks for mowing the lawn - and topping it off with a sub 8! PB!
8 Darryn Quinn 7:59 M Corona Where did you get that cheerleader costume - first female?? PB?
9 Ethan Wight 8:00 M Corona Bang on 8 - talk about close
10 Andy Thomas 8:17 M Corona Nice debut - needs to improve on the drinking!!
11 Peter Wilkinson 8:20 M Corona Nice to have you back!
12 Brad Wauer 8:30 M Corona Made it look too easy. Shaking someone else's beer?
13 Andrew Mills 9:09 M Sapporo Pretty happy to be ahead of Ricky. PB
14 Ricky Worn 9:15 M Corona Loved it!! Even got number tirty tree
15 John Simpson 9:18 M Corona This is with a deviation to get another beer. Who stole his beer?
16 George 9:35 M Corona Yes you are entitled to a shirt
17 CJ 9:39 M Corona Yes and you are entitled too!
18 Sonya Perdikis 9:59 F Corona First female - but needs a few more seconds to beat Jason's time!
19 Bruce Cocking 10:15 M Corona Nice time for a nice bloke - especially after a 30km morning run. PB
20 Gary Holland 10:24 M Corona 1st off the blocks from the first scull!
21 Hayley Crabtree 10:44 F Corona Second female! Were you impregnated on the third lap
22 Jarrad McDonald 10:56 M Corona School camp got the better of him this year
23 Brad Thompson 10:59 M Corona A family affair - great kids in the soft drink mile too!
24 Andy Manttan 11:01 M Corona Nice debut! Sub 11 next time?
25 Vance Pritchard 11:02 M Corona Thanks for the stapler! Nice run
26 Scott Woolford 11:08 M Corona Nice debut - loved it!!! and looked like he had a ball in the relay too!
27 John Dragonboy Searston 11:14 M Best dressed - the costume holds him back???
28 Rowan Gladman 11:22 M Corona Nice debut from another fun Sunny Coast Darkrunner
29 David Moss 11:29 M Crown Smiling the whole way!
30 Rachelle Jacobsen 11:36 F Corona Third female - not bad after a 30km morning run
31 Andrew Edwards 11:54 M Corona Last minute entry - but not sure if he was too happy about it!
32 Andrew Fleischer 12:00 M Corona The drinking is the easy part!
33 Robert Luxford 12:13 M Corona Not sure what happened this year?? Was it another beer? 1:45 over last year's time
34 Brendon Doran 12:50 M Corona 1 minute faster than last year!!
35 Rina Luyt 13:09 F Wine Wine mile fun!! Great run
36 Allan Luyt 13:12 M Corona Ladies first...Rina just ahead...looking relaxed as usual
37 Kyle Willmott 13:19 M Corona Took off on the first 400 - not sure what happened after that!
38 Tony Reason 13:23 M Corona Loved it too - may need to give his daughter some non spewing training
39 Brian Cross 13:28 M Corona What a great time for a 5 time beer miler!
40 Rob Labinsky 13:50 M Corona Am I supposed to do an extra lap if I spew?
41 Craig Trahar 14:27 M Corona Did you fold your hanky on the way?
42 Troy Kenny 14:29 M Corona Fixed the trophy but didn't win it!!
43 Nanette Reason 15:41 F Corona Your hair looked nice
44 Steve Venning 15:55 M Corona Can't count - 5 laps and 5 beers! Did someone only do 3?
45 Breanna Coleman 19:30 F Corona Legend! How tough is it!
46 Jess Reason 23:02 F Corona Great spew - completely sober afterwards - all the alcohol had gone

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