Hauppauge Beer Mile 1
Hauppauge, Long Island, NY
July 27, 2001

created by user bigwalker639

Conditions: night, cool, calm


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage


Race Site

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Rob Williams 9:25 M 20 From Can Coors Light all american hs track '99
2 Mike Cunniff 11:41 M 20 From Can Coors Light holdin it down
3 Mike Naclerio 19:07 M 20 From Can Coors Light 5 laps
4 Kieran Vincent 19:10 M 20 From Can Coors Light 5 laps
5 Steve Shumann 26:52 M 18 From Can Coors Light 5 laps
6 Ken Oberheim DNF M 17 From Can Coors Light 2 laps completed

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Race Notes:

First official running of the Hauppauge Beer Mile. Contestants were: Rob Williams, Mike Naclerio, Kieran Vincent, Mike Cunniff, Steve Schumann, and Ken Oberheim. To start the race off, Mike Naclerio and Rob Williams completed their chugs at exactly the same time. That was the only glimpse of first that Mike Naclerio would get that day. Williams took off, Vincent and Cunniff finished their beers shortly after and flew past Naclerio. Then, Schumann and Oberheim also passed Naclerio. However, that was the last glimpse of glory that Oberheim and Schumann would have. Naclerio finished his first lap last, and Williams was just starting his second after a strong chug. Naclerio, after yet another strong chug proceeded to dry heave, saving his spew..... until the first turn of the second lap. From there on, Naclerio was golden..... until about five steps later when he yacked on the infield of the Hauppauge Football Field. After that, Naclerio was able to hold his stomach in. Kieran Vincent, on the other hand, still had yet to puke. By the end of the race, Naclerio and Vincent were the only ones that had to run five laps. Rob Williams finished his race at an impressive 9:25, followed by Mike Cunniff. Naclerio was in third, followed very closely by Vincent. Schumann with a STRONG showing at the end finished in fifth. Vincent and Naclerio were the only two to puke in mid-run. While Williams and Schumann had VERY impressive yacks of their own. Schumann throwing up FOUR times after the race was complete. Oberheim, the youngster in the race did not finish.Good race boys, good race!