The 1st Chocolate Milk 4x1 Mile relay
Corpus Christi, TX
May 9, 2004

created by user kingxc

Conditions: Light rain, overcast.


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Mark Smith 6:10 M 17 From Cup Yoohoo/Borden Only one to time himself! Was on the third place team. Didn't throw up at all!!
2 Thomas Saldana 9:00 M 15 From Cup Yoohoo/Borden Didn't finish his milk going in to the last lap, but he's a small dude...
3 Ben Haby 9:00 M 16 From Cup Yoohoo/Borden CHEATER! You were not drinking milk when you would pretend to drink and then just spit it out of your mouth!!
4 Luis Gutierrez 9:00 M 19 From Cup Yoohoo/Borden I don't think he threw up...
5 John Wenhold 9:00 M 17 From Cup Yoohoo/Borden This guy is crazy. Watch out for him. Funn-ass throw up at the end.
6 Bryan Ruiz 9:00 M 17 From Cup Yoohoo/Borden he was dying out there.
7 TK Revis 9:00 M 16 From Cup Yoohoo/Borden Who does this guy think he is??!
8 some random dude 9:00 M From Cup Yoohoo/Borden This guy was slow. One of Luis's friends? I overheard he had 2 beers before he just jumped in and raced. Hardassx10000
9 Mo Harford 19:09 M From Cup Yoohoo/Borden KICK, wow.

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Race Notes:

The first ever Choc Milk 4x1 Mile relay was a success although rather unorganized. The TAMU-CC Islanders destroyed the competition. Others were quoted as saying "They're college guys." Second place was the team that Carroll sr. soon-to-be Baylor frosh Luis Gutierrez was on. Third, the team consisting of all King guys, including KHS alum Mark Almaguer. (Mark Smith, jr. for King, the only one to time himself, surprised himself by recording a time that was around 6:10, give or take a few seconds. Timing should be better organized next time!). Josh Lopez, soph. for King, surprised his team mates by running/drinking for the team consisting of Carroll guys (TRAITOR!!). Josh was quoted saying "I don't think I've even drank this much milk combined in my life!" A small crowd attended (many of whom arrived HELLA LATE, mostly in part to the rain) and watched on as Dixie cups of Yoohoo and Hygia were chugged and later spewed out onto the track. The award for the funniest/ugliest throw up of the relays was a toss-up between King sr. Richard McDermott and Carroll jr. John Paul "Quail Man" Wenhold. Wenhold, trying to hold in his milk before the finish, was seen coming in the final stretch of his last lap, head bent down, letting it all out in lane one... and by letting it out, I don't mean he was sprinting; he was SPEWING. He seemed to be keeping the same pace WHILE simultaneously throwing up! Amazing... and hilarious! Richard McDermott was the last runner to finish. Coming into the finish line, he let out a belch and OUT comes Yoohoo which AMAZINGLY lands right into the trashcan set up at the finish line. What perfect timing! "My throwup beat ME!" McDermott later exclaimed. Other notable moments include the janitor who told us right before it was all over with to drink the chocolate milk on the grass or else he'd tell an administrator. Wenhold, when asked by the janitor "who is in charge here" said that the person in charge went to the store and would later be back. Thinking the janitor was pissed off, he was later seen on the bleachers laughing his ass off at all the silliness taking place. Also, Mo Hartford from the Islanders team ran his last 200 meters in probably 19.9 seconds. Everyone looking on watched in amazement as he and Luis Gutierrez were neck and neck and then BAM, the dude just starts kicking! This was the first of many upcoming Chocolate Milk Miles. It was truly a memorable one!