1st Annual Ben & Jerry's 4x4 (Relay Division)
Middletown, CT
December 3, 1997

created by user beermile

Conditions: 22 degrees F, dark, 10:00pm


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Colby Cunningham 10:37 M 18 Ice Cream 4:22 pint, 6:23 mile, BOOT
2 Mike Tracy 12:23 M 19 Ice Cream 6:24 pint, 5:59 mile
3 Benjamin Marchant 15:38 M 19 Ice Cream 9:10 pint, 6:28 mile, BOOT
4 Greg Peterson 15:46 M 20 Ice Cream 10:45 pint, 5:01 mile, BOOT
5 Patrick Keegan 25:26 M 20 Ice Cream 20:29 pint, 4:47 mile

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Race Notes:

See also: HARDCORE DIVISION results


1) Eat 1 pint of Ben and Jerry's delicious ice cream (must be 300+ calories per serving, or 1200+ per container)
2) Run 1 mile
3) Hand-off to team member


Colby Cunningham, Patrick Keegan, Greg Peterson, Benjamin Marchant, Michael Tracy, 1:20:20

Colby Cunningham '01
Pint: 4:22
Mile: 6:23 (10:37) BOOT

Patrick Keegan '99
Pint: 20:29 (31:36) Cool Britannia
Mile: 4:57 (36:33) SINGLE MILE RECORD

Greg Peterson '99
Pint: 10:45 (47:18)
Mile: 5:01 (52:19) BOOT

Benjamin Marchant '00
Pint: 9:10 (1:01:29) Cool Britannia
Mile: 6:28 (1:07:57) BOOT 1st 400 61 seconds

Michael Tracy '01
Pint: 6:24 (1:14:21)
Mile: 5:59 (1:20:20) NOPE, HE HELD IT IN ACTUALLY


Winner: Ben Chaffee '00 1:06:55 CR, MR, WR

Individual Results:

Ben Chaffee '00

1st Pint: 6:48
1st Mile: 5:51 (12:39)
2nd Pint: 7:44 (20:05)
2nd Mile: 6:35 (26:38)
3rd Pint: 12:20 (38:58)
3rd Mile: 6:38 (45:36)
4th Pint: 13:53 (59:29)
4th Mile: 7:26 (1:06:55) CR, MR, WR

Nathaniel Browand '99

1st Pint: 7:40 Cool Britannia
1st Mile: 5:40 (13:20)
2nd Pint: 10:10 (23:30) Vanilla Caramel Fudge
2nd Mile: 5:55 (29:25)
3rd Pint: 17:51 (47:16) Vanilla Heath Toffee
3rd Mile: 6:14 (53:58)

Noah Lansner '00

1st Pint: 7:20 Chunky Monkey
1st Mile: 6:00 (13:20)
2nd Pint: 5:11 (18:31) Vanilla Caramel Fudge
2nd Mile: 5:49 (24:20)
3rd Pint: 35:30 (1:00:50) Cherry Garcia
3rd Mile: 9:50 (1:10:00)

Patrick Butler '98

1st Pint: 5:39 Holy Cannoli
1st Mile: 6:36 (12:15)
2nd Pint: 12:25 (24:40) Cool Britannia
2nd Mile: 6:15 (30:55)
3rd Pint: 47:33 (1:18:28) Phish Food (not recommended for this event)
3rd Mile: 8:40:00 (9:58:28)

Anders Peterson '99

1st Pint: 6:09 Cool Britannia
1st Mile: 5:06 (11:15)
2nd Pint: 10:12 (21:27) Cool Britannia
2nd Mile: 7:03 (28:30)
3rd Pint: 45:53 (1:14:23) Mint Chocolate Cookie
3rd Mile: 5:21 (1:19:44)
a 70 second pacing 400
a 2:30 800
2 miles pacing

Michael Vannimwegen '98

1st Pint: 4:19 Cool Britannia SINGLE PINT RECORD
1st Mile: 5:40 (9:59)
2nd Pint: 10:36 (18:35) Cool Britannia
2nd Mile: 6:05 (24:40)


By Michael "Boom-Boom" Fox-Boyd

Although the field started with 7 and ended with 1, the first annual Ben & Jerry's 4X4 was a complete success. And for many reasons. Many of this year's cross-country team members were present to witness the event. Jenna Minnicucci '98, Anne Carr '01 and Ari Moskowitz '01 were just a few. It would prove to be a night that the encapsulated granules of the Freeman Athletic Center Track would not soon forget. The field was very close at the start, with most competitors under 15 minutes for their first pint and first mile, right on the 1 hour pace that so many had dreamed of, but only one would come close to realize. I talk of Ben Chaffee '00, who, as Patrick Keegan was overheard as saying: "Oh my God, he's on an hour pace!!!!" This was true, as Chaffee finished a mere 6 minute and 55 seconds over the treasured pace. Of course, he did run completely uncontested in his fourth mile, as many competitors "just couldn't make it" through their fourth pint.

Many of the spectators were also quite pleased with the evening's festivities. Residents of the esteemed 15 Fountain Avenue were there to cheer on their housemate Butler. Such remarks as "you people are crazy!" And "what the hell is this going to accomplish anyway?" were frequently overheard. A few spectators, such as Anne Carr even found the time to work the event into their busy social schedules. She was heard to comment "maybe we'll come back later, towards the end, how's two hours sound?"

As for vomit, there was a-plenty. Benjamin Marchant '00 of the relay division warned that it would be in one's best interest to avoid lane 1 on the backstretch of the track for as long as possible. However, he did post the fastest individual 400 time with 61 seconds on the first lap of his only mile. Colby Cunningham '01, who was in second place upon completion of his first pint, but the 6:23 mile he ran caused his innards to give way to a new "reverse burst" of Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

Patrick Keegan '99 was successful in not only posting the fastest mile time of the meet, but also breaking the five-minute barrier, with an impressive time of 4:57. However, it should be pointed out that it did take him 20 minutes and 29 seconds to consume his one and only pint (Cool Britannia).

Greg Peterson '99 was favored to break this time, but he actually took the ballsy approach and ate his pint in half the time it took Keegan, which permitted him to run a mere 5:01, upon completion of which he immediately yakked like there was no tomorrow and like he didn't care if he walked home with any tooth enamel or not.

There was also much talk of vomit, Michael Vannimwegen, who did plenty of talking the talk but didn't really walk the walk when the time came, was overheard frequently proclaiming to a certain member of the team, "Boom-Boom, when I throw up, I'm going to do it on you!!!"

Patrick Butler also needs some commendation, for it did not look like he was going to make it through his third mile. He managed to walk two laps feebly, and then headed for the sanctity of his home. He did complete the mile 8 hours later with an amazing time of 8:40:00 for his third mile, or so he calculated as he assumed the walk from his house (prestigious 15 Fountain Ave) to the Science Tower and back was as close to 800 meters as one could hope. He and Van Nimwegen participated in a Large Pepperoni Pizza warmup at Itza Pizza an hour earlier, which may have contributed further to their poor performance, but Butler did manage to compete in an authentic 10-gallon Stetson.

However, the God of the evening, Ben Chaffee, was warmly welcomed by competitors and spectators alike at the completion of his fourth mile, a lackadaisical 7:26, but when you're running completely alone with no competition whatsoever, it didn't really matter.