Second Annual Peter Holmes Beer Mile
Vancouver, BC
December 8, 2012

created by user brianmahony

Conditions: Overcast


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage


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Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Brian Mahony 8:20 M 31 From Can Granville Island Lions Winter Ale (5.5%) Delighted to retain the prestigious Peter Holmes Beer Mile trophy
2 Fergus Murray 8:29 M 32 From Can Cariboo (5.5%) Put up a tough challenge and brought regulation sized beer this year. Was noted that he passed out on the couch that night at about 7 pm with a pair of antlers in his hands.
3 Graham Dunne 9:32 M 50 From Can Kokanee (5%) Put the young lads to shame.
4 Angela Wong 10:57 F From Can Grasshopper (5%) Team Result: Ho ho Train. An emasculating result for the men positioned below.
5 Stephania Robino 10:57 F From Can Grasshopper (5%) Team Result: Ho ho Train. Took her two minutes the night before to drink a single can, so top marks for effort.
6 Liz Rota 10:57 F From Can Grasshopper (5%) Team Result: Ho ho Train. A dark horse - could be a potential to run the individual event next year alongside Wong.
7 Emily Kaetner 10:57 F 87 From Can Grasshopper (5%) Team Result: Ho ho Train. Not bad for an old woman.
8 Jack McInerney 11:07 M From Can Cariboo x 2 (5.5%) & Kokanee x 2 (5%) Significantly slower than last year. Could be due to a lack of moustache.
9 Jason McCormick 11:22 M From Can Cariboo (5%) Last minute entry.
10 Dave Beech 12:00 M From Can Canadian & Budweiser (5%) Beer Mile virgin. Shows potential.
11 Gareth Davies 12:18 M 34 From Can Kokanee (5%) Significantly slower than last year. Blamed the new baby on his performance.
12 Douugie McGovvern 12:33 M From Can Canadian (5%) Didn't vomit this year due to a lack of effort on the run. Room for improvement.
13 Andrew McKenzie 12:34 M From Bottle Kingfisher (5%) Sporting a fetching moustache - looked dashing but lacked the finishing kick to beat McGovvern.
14 Morgan Inglis 16:03 M 28 From Can Big Surf Larger (5%) Wasn't allowed to wuss out this year. King of the sprint finish pipping McCarthy and O'Cheallaigh.
15 Alan McCarthy 16:04 M From Can Canadian & Budweiser (5%) Was pleased just not to be assaulted by any other competitors like last year.
16 Padriac O'Cheallaigh 16:05 M 31 From Can Canadian & Budweiser (5%) Last place....the history books will not lie

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Race Notes:

In honour and loving memory of our friend Peter Holmes.
Many more spectators than last year with a lot of previous competitors choosing to 'sit this one out.'

The race track was measured at 403 meters so overall distance was 1612 meters.

The race was remarkable in the fact that there were no instances of vomiting before, during or after the race.