Initiation 2013
Montreal, PQ
September 14, 2013

created by user marmotte

Conditions: Cloudy, Chill...Chilly


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Chris Martini 8:19 M 19 From Can Budweiser Stong kick at the end!
2 Gui Bebe 9:34 M 22 From Can Budweiser 2sec slower with un tour de plus
3 Eriction January 9:45 M 37 From Can Budweiser Wanted to beat the Chinois, Hey boy...Team Canada Speed suit
4 Niko Miko 15:22 M 22 From Can Budweiser Burp a lot, but not the most
5 Emily Rickard 15:50 F 21 From Bottle Glutenberg Beat her McGill Time
6 Phil St-John 16:18 M 19 From Can Budweiser Was enjoying the cooldown drink
7 Steph Lacoursiaire 16:43 F 22 From Can Sleeman Tough running, good chugging
8 Sabrina Doe 16:50 F 23 From Can Sleeman Vomir c'est repartir
9 Charles-A Provenchar 17:41 M 20 From Can Budweiser Chest running
10 Mel Huge 19:44 F 23 From Can Budweiser The inventor of the Beermile is a F*ng mad men
11 Johnny Boy Brochette 22:57 M 102 From Can Budweiser Better late than never
12 Victo Stretching 23:00 F 22 From Can Budweiser No vomit = Pride
13 Phil Heaven 24:54 M 20 From Can Pabst Dry Mag's new BFF
14 Carl Kingslanding 26:34 M 20 From Can Heineken DQ for illegal drink
15 P-A Du-Pont 32:26 M 23 From Can 3 Bud-1 Pabst Dry Rabbited by The Chinois for the final lap, first Beermile completed, Congrats!
16 Sarah Et-Puis 33:16 F 24 From Can Budweiser Dret au coeur et direct dans gorge!
17 Trishhhhh Brousso 35:27 F 19 From Can Heineken Beer are hard to enter
18 Reb-Eka NiceMountain 46:52 F 22 From Can Sleeman Team spirit, working hard with HS, Teamspirit all the way
19 Helene Becotte-moe 47:15 F 26 From Can Budweiser 8 years in university...kills your liver

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Race Notes:

Second initiation on the spandex theme. Big Crowd cheering (including 6 kids slaloming through vomit)! NO DNF. Video on demand.
Official referees: Minilegs and Flotrack Machine CD