Dundas Beer Mile II
June 27, 2014

created by user o2bcool

Conditions: 21 C Feels like 21℃ 5 km/h NE wind Humidity 69%


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Gregory Lariviere 7:10 M From Can Budweiser Liked the post-race better this year with his M & D away on vacation.
2 Gavin Hall 7:57 M From Can Coors Banquet We know Gavin now with them results!
3 Adam Palmer 8:32 M From Can Labatt Blue Living in London hasn't slowed him down any. But let's see how he does next year after being married 9 months.
4 Ben Jurkovic 9:40 M From Can Budweiser With that result, obviously he's ready for his Ironman.
5 Ron Westenhafer 9:44 M From Can Budweiser Just missed the podium in his first Beer Mile.
6 Glenn Hulme 9:49 M From Can Moosehead Beer Mile 'Rookie of the Year' Candidate
7 Grace Panoff 10:48 F From Can Labatt Blue Chicked 8 'guys'. Bounced back from a '13 DNF.
8 Jason Clarke 11:29 M Well-planned gamesmanship at start helps him kick SOB ass.
9 Jason St Denis 12:01 M From Can Labatt Blue Our only 'Chunder-Runner' of 2014, but who really noticed with the 'equipment' he was carrying.
10 Victor Cabral 14:24 M From Can Labatt Blue A great Beer Mile debut result.
11 Jerry Liu 14:39 M From Can Budweiser Trained like a madman leading up to the race.
12 Jim Richards 15:00 M From Can Molson Canadian Even the 'Flash' costume couldn't cover up the fact he's an SOB.
13 Barb Satchell 16:51 F From Can Labatt Blue Rumour has it the race turned into a Labatt Blue weekend. 2nd Female Overall.
14 John M Campbell 17:47 M 52 From Can Molson Canadian Still has never lost a head-to-head race* to BQ'r Steve Smith (*5K and less)..
15 Paul Mitchell 17:57 M From Can Budweiser Cut 2 mins off last year's time, AND added head-locks to his repertoire.
16 Steve Smith 18:35 M From Can Molson Canadian Couldn't even beat Mitchell OR Campbell; will be gunning for them next year.
17 Janice Morton 24:10 F From Can Sleeman Cream Ale 2+ mins faster this year wearing wiener shorts; now might want a pair of her own.
18 Leigh-Anne Polkinghorne 28:56 F From Can Moosehead Considering dressing up as Lady Gaga for next year's race.
19 Lorraine Gavloski 32:35 F From Can Labatt 50 Not a PB; choosing '50' as her beer of choice cost her at least 3 mins.
20 Liz Dowling 32:35 F From Can 2 x Canadian, 1 x Bud, & 1 x 50 Knocked 2+ mins off last year, sans her other Woo-Hoo.
21 Olivia Lyon 32:46 F From Can Budweiser The much different transition zone in this race screwed her up a bit.
22 Alanna Wood 43:06 F From Can Steam Whistle Gained lots of Beer Mile cred with her finish AND choice of brew.
23 Emily Benner DNF F From Can Labatt Blue Toed the line like a champ, but wasn't her day.
24 Neil Taylor DNF M Only his wiener shorts made it to the race.
25 Kendra McKinnon DNF F Broke-up with Woo-Hoo #1
26 Gavin Hall's Uncle DNF M Was getting eaten alive by skeeters, so couldn't wait for us.
27 Ryan Beale DNF M Caught the Beer mile bug spectating; will be there with bells on (literally) next year.

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Race Notes:

23 brave and hearty souls (13 guys, 9 gals, and 1 SOB) joined in for the running of the 2nd annual Dundas Beer Mile!