Kingston Fall Beer Mile 2013
Kingston, ON
November 16, 2013

created by user JMounty

Conditions: Above seasonal - 8 degrees


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage


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Name Time Gender Age Nationality Beer Notes
1 Jeff Mountjoy 5:48 M 23 From Can Laker 5 second PB to maintain winning streak (now 11 straight)
2 David Cashin 6:23 M 20 From Can Busch Ice PB for the Pembroke stud drinking 5.5% beer
3 Chris Fitzgibbon 6:29 M 19 From Can Laker Big PB. Exciting projectile vomit right at the finish line
4 Rob Asselstine 6:33 M 21 From Bottle Muskoka Cream Ale Started conservative thinking the leaders would fade more
5 Jeff Archer 6:41 M 21 From Can Coors Banquet Huge 5 minute PB. Ran last minute to silence the doubters
6 Jacob Cameron 6:46 M 20 From Can Laker Incredible debut, putting arch nemesis Wilkie to shame
7 Mocha Coffee 6:47 M 27 From Can Budweiser Incredible debut for the marathoner
8 Kip Arlidge 7:19 M 20 From Can Old Milwaukee Debut. The flow lead him to a fast time
9 Tyson Loney 7:40 M 22 From Can Canadian Huge improvement attributed to many simulations in the week prior
10 Michael Bentley 8:24 M 23 From Can Lakeport Honey Big improvement to beat his GF's PB
11 Klay Patersun 8:26 M 24 From Can PC Genuine Lager Also big PB wearing street clothes
12 Apex Slutton 8:28 M 20 From Can Budweiser Rough showing for what is normally a consistent contender. Made up for it as host of the after party
13 Lucas Peterson 8:51 M 19 From Can Brava Went balls-to-the-wall and puked on the second lap. Basically chose to run a chunder 2k
14 Jeff Behan 8:53 M 21 From Can Canadian First race in over a year. BEHAN'S BACK
15 Alex Wilkie 9:08 M 19 From Can Steamwhistle Despite a super fast final quarter, couldn't handle Cameron's skills in his debut
16 Keanu Reeves 9:17 M 18 From Can Old Milwaukee Top sprinter on the day - a strong showing
17 Corbin Johnston 9:47 M 21 From Can PC Genuine Lager Had the loudest cheering section
18 Lianne Girard 10:05 F 21 From Can Sleeman Narrowly missed beating the elderly citizen to be first in her group of the prediction contest
19 Erin O'Higgins 11:07 F 19 From Can Alexander Keiths Huge improvement despite a horribly slow pace on beer number 1
20 Gavin Hatheway 12:11 M 18 From Can Budweiser Debut, crushing his brother's best time
21 Charlotte Dunlap 13:00 F 19 From Can Canadian She was amped up and it showed in her very respectable time
22 Matt Roach 13:02 M 18 From Can Canadian Good effort in his first ever beer mile
23 Sydney Lowe 13:36 F 20 From Can Budweiser Gutted out her first race with the team in a while
24 Alec Proudfoot 13:55 M 18 From Can Lakeport Honey His goal was to not come last. Mission accomplished
25 Sam Healey 15:38 F 21 From Can Canadian Hates beer but gutted it out like a champ
26 Chris Angelatos DNF M 19 From Can Brava Santa couldn't handle his liquor. Too warm
27 Erin Slade DNF F 20 From Can Red Racer Made it 1.5 beers...
28 Lindsay Kary DNF F 18 From Can Canadian Threw up during first beer

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Race Notes:

Big turnout for a big end of XC season race. Deepest beer mile in Kingston in many years with some surprise finishes and appropriate levels of smack-talk.