Edmonton 2015 BGrav
Edmonton, AB
May 9, 2015

created by user H0M3

Conditions: Sunny


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Name Time Gender Beer Notes
1 Anthony Kennedy 7:06.1 M From Bottle Kokanee
2 Robin Kaluzniak 10:46.6 M From Bottle Sleeman Vomit
3 John Rutledge 11:41.2 M From Can Kokanee
4 Craig Daniluk 12:24.8 M From Bottle Corona 4.6 % ABV
5 Marko Blazo 14:45.5 M From Bottle Sleeman Vomit

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Race Notes:

Six brave lads met at the brand new Scona track to try their hands at the legendary beer mile. Veteran Anthony's training paid dividends, and he took home the inaugural trophy in just over seven minutes. Robin suffered an early vomit, but lapped the competition to take second. John's training with Anthony resulted in him almost halving his previous best as he filled out the final podium position.