2015 New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
Tauranga, New Zealand
May 16, 2015

created by user ckwon

Conditions: Sunny & calm


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Name Time Gender Beer Notes
1 Craig Kirkwood 6:45 M From Can VB CK claims his 5th NZ Champion title
2 Chris Myland 6:48 M From Bottle Fosters Defending champion loses his crown
3 Kyle Macdonald 6:50 M From Can VB Loses to a 47yr old in the sprint
4 Geoff Emslie 7:49 M From Can VB The hulk ripped this race apart
5 Owen Miller 8:36 M From Can Fosters Solid result for the hippy
6 Sam Stacey 8:41 M From Can VB Happy onsie was lovely touch
7 Grant Taylor 8:44 M From Can VB Ginger Spice
8 Pete Edmondson 9:08 M From Can VB The long awaited debut from Pedro
9 Cole Burmester 9:16 M From Can VB Stripey leotard looked spectacular
10 Nick Lawson 9:35 M From Can VB Rolled the kids scooter because of a broken foot
11 Cam Paton 9:49 M From Can Fosters The chef baked up a storm
12 Iain Macdonald 9:52 M From Can VB Yet again the most disturbing costume (Superwoman, complete with pink lippy)
13 Jonathan Turner 10:07 M From Can VB
14 Andy Dixon 10:47 M From Can VB Fully equipped with golf trundler...he even drained a 9m putt to finish (excuse the pun)
15 Lindsay Girven 11:14 M From Can VB
16 Dennis de Monchy 11:36 M From Can VB Dressed as a Sushi Roll...brilliant
17 Greg Hughes 11:47 M From Can VB Yellow morph suit left nothing to the imagination
18 Ben Bennett 13:35 M From Can VB The Sheriff was chasing all day long
19 Denys Taylor 15:13 F From Can VB NZ Beer Mile Champion
20 Chris Morrissey 15:39 M From Can VB Thank god he wasn't in a dress this time. He had a wee spit & did a penalty lap.
21 Andy Chappell DNF Pussy!

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