Inaugural DCA Beer Mile
A Very Public Place in DC
July 23, 2015

created by user berkklia

Conditions: Sunny, warm, thirsty with opportunity


Video Link

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Christopher Black 7:26 M 25 From Bottle Budweiser rookie
2 Stephen Browning 8:45 M 26 From Bottle Budweiser rookie
3 Brian Erkkila 9:27 M 36 From Can DC Brau Public rookie
4 Jessie Hogue-Morgenstern 9:42 F 27 From Can Heiniken rookie

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Race Notes:

First beer mile for all participants. All the rookies held it down and finished under 10 min, so basically we are all champions. CBlack ruled the day though, almost lapping the other three competitors.