8th Annual FFKicbmc
Undisclosed Location, Rhode Island
August 9, 2015

created by user kjgarl

Conditions: overcast, not too hot, pretty damn nice


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Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Matt Corcoran 7:58 M 43 From Can Budweiser it's been a few years since he's done this but pretty nice time
2 Larry Phillips 9:14 M 54 From Bottle Miller GD he's done this race 4 times, i don't know how he chugs that 3rd beer
3 Larry Driscoll 9:18 M 52 From Can Budweiser 1st timer, drinking is not his strong point
4 Kevin Garlick 9:36 M 59 From Can Coors slowest time in 8 races, knee surgery in June old & fat
5 David Wells 10:03 M 34 From Bottle Budweiser First in his heat, probably faster with the 1st group
6 John Wichers 10:08 M 47 From Can Notch 1st timer, penalty lap, he's fast but needs to learn how to keep the beer in
7 Jon Paull 10:09 M 34 Looked strong, 2nd in heat
8 Nancy Courtois 11:27 F 36 From Bottle dos equis 1st time, done female division
9 James Courtois 12:04 M 33 From Bottle dos equis can't drink, last lap was blazing fast, couldn't beat his wife
10 Patricia French 12:43 F 52 From Can bud heavy not happy with her time, still 2nd female
11 Ron Cavage 13:34 M 51 From Bottle dos equis Flew in from AZ for this, had a good time
12 Greg Holmes 15:21 M 55 From Can land shark Good time for his age and weight
13 Jeff Durso-Finley 19:38 M 46 From Can narragansett summer ale He was sick before the race but as a trooper completed the 9th consecutive race

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