CFKuching Beer Mile 2016
Kuching Sarawak Malaysia
February 6, 2016

created by user crossfitkuching


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage


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Name Time Gender Beer Notes
1 Desmond Sahathevan 8:19 M From Can Tiger The Champ
2 Shannon Lee 8:32 M From Can Tiger
3 George Chapman 9:47 M From Can Tiger
4 Andrew Satu 9:52 M From Can Tiger
5 Desmond Teo 11:19 M From Can Snow
6 George Wong 12:06 M From Can Tiger
7 Azhari Aziz 12:13 M From Can Tiger
8 Frances Ngu 12:39 F From Can Tiger Lady Champ
9 Juliana Ebat 13:37 F From Can Tiger Vomit after the race
10 Cliff Jude Zehnder 14:15 M From Can Tiger
11 Toh Jia Yih 14:15 M From Can Snow
12 Jonas Fury 14:41 M From Can Snow
13 Melvin Lim 15:01 M From Can Snow
14 Adeline Chai 15:23 F From Can Tiger
15 Al-Mohd Rudzie 15:37 M From Cup Chocolate milk
16 Jonathan Wong 16:14 M From Can Tiger
17 Clement Lai 16:54 M From Can Snow
18 Ivan Tan 17:52 M From Can Snow
19 Tiffany Chin 18:57 F From Cup Chocolate milk Milk drunk
20 Lee Puay Kian 20:15 M From Can Tiger
21 Chong Poh Kwong 20:32 M From Can Snow
22 Ben Ong 21:00 M From Can Snow
23 Emily Aw 21:00 F From Can Snow
24 Mervin Au Yong 21:09 M From Can Snow
25 Ng Taw Yuen 21:27 M From Can Snow
26 Gillian Yan Ci Tan 23:09 F From Can Tiger
27 Jacinta Chin 23:14 F From Can Tiger
28 Benjamin Chang Bui How 23:19 M From Can Tiger
29 Pui Vui Ming 23:19 M From Can Tiger
30 Tan Chen Lian 24:42 M From Can Tiger
31 Tan Siew Kee 25:32 M From Can Tiger I'm not SK
32 Desmond Yeo 25:39 M From Can Coke Zero
33 Esther Lim 26:05 F From Can Tiger
34 Jamie Leong 26:25 F From Can Tiger mlm
35 Lee Kuok Chiang 26:45 M From Can Tiger
36 Terence Lee Boon Chai 26:45 M From Can Tiger
37 Tan Chai Hong 26:49 F From Can Tiger
38 Andy Wei Yong Fang 27:04 M From Can Tiger
39 Robin Siaw 27:04 M From Can Tiger
40 Nelson Ng 27:32 M From Can Tiger
41 Jubilee Kong 27:37 M From Can Tiger Run with slippers and smoke #LIFE
42 Amanda Lim 28:36 F From Can Snow
43 Jusmawati Wasli 28:47 F From Can Coke Zero
44 Patsda Liew 32:10 F From Can Snow
45 Crystal Lim 33:34 F From Can Snow
46 Lau Lip Ping 36:22 M From Can Snow
47 Ian Khai Jong 36:22 M From Can Snow
48 Margaret Yap 38:27 F From Can Snow
49 Sharifah Zuraiza Wan Zawawie 41:50 F From Cup Chocolate milk
50 Lee Li Hui 42:31 F From Can Tiger
51 Audrey Chai Cin Choo 42:45 F From Can Tiger
52 Dickson Ng Chia Wei DNF M From Can Tiger No show
53 Perry Law DNF M From Can Tiger No show
54 Claudia DNF F From Can Tiger No show
55 Nigel Lai DNF M From Can Tiger No show
56 Fiona Fi DNF F From Can Tiger 2 cans, give up

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Race Notes:

Have fun and VOMIT !