Zoo vs. Tron 2:30 am Challenge
Vancouver, BC
September 23, 2006

created by user tron3000

Conditions: Dark, Clear


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Troy Barrie 36:23 M 22 From Bottle Kokanee Gold
2 Nathan Barrett 36:34 M 25 From Bottle Kokanee Gold

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Race Notes:

It all started with a party at Elliot's new digs. The party had been
raging for hours with good tunes and better brews, and a whole wack
load of people that nobody knew. Elliot kicked a hole in his wall,
Brennan invented bobsled tennis, and Cessford was put in charge of
figuring out the rules to bobsled tennis ("He's a smart guy. He can
figure it out").

At 2:30 AM Troy and Ashley burst onto the scene, and Troy promptly
throws down the gauntlet to Nathan. IT'S A BEER MILE!

The competitors:

Name: Troy Barrie
Hometown: Vernon
Age: 22
Alcohol: 1 beer, 1 shared bottle of wine with Ashely (anyone that
knows Troy knows he drank, at most, 1/3 of the bottle).

Name: Nathan Barret
Hometown: North Delta
Age: 26 (?)
Alcohol: 12 beer, 1 glass of wine, probably more

The race began with a small crowd assembled in the chilly night just
off of 14th and Sasamat in the farthest West of Vancouver, Point Grey.
The laps were to be one block, composing of 14th, Sasamat, 13th, and
some other street.

The race got off to a good start, with Nathan looking composed and
athletic, leaving Troy sipping on his beer at the starting line. By
the 3rd beer, things were looking really good for Nathan. Troy was
not looking so hot. This is when things went horribly wrong.

The fans and Troy were waiting at the drinking zone for Nathan to
finish his 3rd lap. Troy slowly sipped his beer. Nathan was taking
uncharacteristicly long. We waited some more. Troy finished his 3rd
beer and took off running; Nathan had still not appeared. We wait a
little more. Troy comes running naked through the drinking zone, in
what appears to be a pre-victory naked victory lap. At this point
Fraser and Cessford were very concerned about Nathan's impending loss,
and went to find him.

Nathan was passed out on 14th, lying perfectly straight on his back
just off of the sidewalk. Troy came running by, still putting on his
shirt, and got a picture with the comatose Nathan. We woke Nathan up
and told him of his impending loss.

"That fucker! I'm going to kill him!" Nate bellowed as he ran chasing Troy.

Nathan arrives at the drinking zone, and starts to chug his 4th and
final beer. Troy is 1/2 finished his 4th, albeit sipping it. Nathan
hands Fraser his beer and starts running.

"Wait Nate, this is only 3/4 empty!"

Nathan chugs the last 1/4 and holds the beer over his head as proof of
its completion. He takes off drunkenly running with Fraser in hot
pursuit (to make sure he doesn't get lost). Along 13th Troy comes
flying by with confidence and determination. Nathan keeps running,
gives up and starts walking, then swears some more and takes off
running again!

Troy reaches the drinking zone, winning his 1st beer mile vs Nathan in
an impressive time of somewhere abouts 25 minutes.

Eric is not impressed: "This is the most fucked up beer mile I have ever seen."