4th Annual Fall K-W BM (Syracuse Invitational)
Waterloo, ON
November 20, 2004

created by user mullet

Conditions: Fog, precipitation, and cold


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage


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Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Mike Logue 6:04.9 M 22 From Can Labatt Genuine Draft New record, PB, reclaims the throne
2 Adam Lalonde 6:04.95 M 22 From Can Labatt Genuine Draft PB, break former record
3 Scott Arnald 7:07 M 22 PB
4 Matt Strickland 7:54 M 22 Rookie, running his mouth
5 Mark Linseman 7:57 M 19
6 Kevin Smith 7:58 M 23 PB, triathlete finally steps up
7 Dustin Doan 8:20 M 22 PB, peaked nicely
8 Chuck Buckingham 8:40 M 24 Rookie
9 Colin Lawrence 9:23 M 19 Penalty lap - 57sec
10 Valentina Taiakina 9:49 F 19 Female Champ
11 Chris Taylor 11:22 M 22 Rookie, Penalty Lap
12 Dave Spahich 11:31 M 19 Mark's friend
13 Gina Jackson 13:21 F 24 Penalty Lap, PB
14 Ian Westra 15:31 M 22 Penalty Lap, PB
15 Zac Balson DNF M 22 NT, Rookie

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Race Notes:

From a secret location deep within the heart of Southwestern Ontario's tri-cities, the "Syracuse Invitational" went down and further cemented K-W as a b-mile force of international calibre.

On a day that brought less than ideal conditions of fog, precipitation, and cold, a new event record was established. The heated yet friendly rivalry between the two front-running former champs resulted in the closest and fastest finish in event history. In a photo finish, reversal of former fortunes, and twist of irony, the now-coldnecked mulleteer? outleaned his long-maned adversary by a hair. Neck and neck heading into their last lap, the XC and MD specialists ripped off 60sec quarters en route to b-mile glory.

The beverage of choice for the ground breakers was LGD. Props to Scoot for medaling, Colin for a 57 penalty lap & bringing the excuses (as predicted), MattS for backing up the smack with a solid debut, and to Kevin for a large PB thanks to a practice night with the champs.