OGRES Beer Mile
LaGrange, IL
August 3, 2007

created by user jrnovak

Conditions: 84 degree moonlit night


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Noah Myrent 10:50 M 21 From Can Budweiser First Place
2 Debbie Novak 11:52 F 46 From Can Budweiser 2nd place
3 Wade Novak 12:20 M 21 From Can Budweiser 3rd place
4 Tom Novak 14:51 M 48 From Can Budweiser 4th place
5 Mike Schmidt 21:01 M 21 From Can Budweiser 5th place
6 Andy Novak 21:11 M 21 From Can Budweiser 6th place

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Race Notes:

OGRES Beer Mile
LaGrange, IL

Official results:
1 - Noah Myrent (Male, age 21) - 10:50.0 (Budweiser, can)
2 - Debbie Novak (Female, age 46) - 11:52.0 (Budweiser, can)
3 - Wade Novak (Male, age 21) - 12:20.0 (Budweiser, can)
4 - Tom Novak (Male, age 48) - 14:51.0 (Budweiser, can)
5 - Mike Schmidt (Male, age 21) - 21:01.0 (Budweiser, can)
6 - Andy Novak (Male, age 21) - 21:11.0 (Budweiser, can)

We finally did it. The ultimate OGRES activity - the beer mile. What a fucking blast it was!!!

Here is a little re-cap for those that missed it (only first names are used so as not to incriminate the participants):

Six Beer Milers assemble in Brookfield. Tom, Debbie, Wade, Andy, Mike & Noah warm up by listening to some rock &/or roll. Designated driver & timer, Jim, arrives & preparations are made to depart. Twenty-four cold 12 ounce cans of Budweiser (5% alcohol content) are loaded into two large construction-grade trash bags. Stopwatch & flashlight are procured for Jim. Off we go!

Beer is safely stowed in the trunk (along with Jim's golf clubs) and all seven of us pile into Jim's compact car. As the driver, Jim is assigned his own seat. The rest of us get real friendly with each other. The ride over to LT North track is filled with trash-talking. Spirits are high!

We arrive at the track at 9 pm. It's very dark, but there is one lone gentleman walking laps around the oval. We ignore him & march purposefully to the starting line (the garbage can on the far side of the track). After a short debate regarding optimum setup of the beer transition area, six brave runners toe the starting line - beer # 1 in hand. With a click of the watch & a yell from Jim, the race is on. Six cans are opened & the runners are literally chugging away!

Noah is the first to finish, slams his can to the ground & tears off into the night. Tom is momentarily stunned, "Holy shit, look at that guy go!" Mike, Wade, Debbie, Tom & Andy follow. The first lap goes fairly smoothly for all runners. Noah arrives first & is handed his 2nd cold one. He chugs again, a tad slower this time, then he's off for lap # 2. Wade & Debbie & Mike finish off #2 & hit the cinders again. Tom gets his down pretty well too, but as he starts the second lap, a burp turns to spew (oh shit, penalty lap for Tom). Andy is trailing.

Noah continues his torrid pace. He wants this one bad. Beer # 3 is more of a struggle for everyone, except Debbie. She makes her big move into 2nd (man she can pound those beers!). Wade fights thru #3, but Mike, Andy & Tom are still working. Finally Tom spews again & makes room for beer #3. He's off & running again. Mike & Andy follow behind.

Beer # 4 is a killer. Lots of sipping & heavy breathing. Noah is still in charge. He's definitely slowed down, both drinking & running, but his big lead holds up & he's the champ. Debbie polishes off her 4th in record time & speed thru the final lap to take 2nd (her time is ranked #6 for all-time Illinois females & is #1 for Illinois female super-masters !!!). Wade finishes a clean 4th lap & takes 3rd. On a nearly empty stomach, Tom handles the 4th beer & races thru his 4th lap, plus his penalty lap. He wraps up 4th place. Mike has problems on his 4th beer & earns a penalty lap, as does Andy. The two battle for 5th place, with Mike holding a 40 meter lead. Andy closes during the 5th lap, but Mike hangs on.

The runners are elated. High fives all around. A job well done. After cleaning up the race area & taking a few photos (see below), everyone piles back into Jim's car. Back to Brookfield for more beer drinking. What a celebration!!!