3rd Annual WVTC Winter Classic
San Francisco, CA
March 21, 2009

created by user WVTC

Conditions: Overcast, cool, with rain coming


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Todd Rose 5:41.9 M 35 From Can Budweiser 8 sec PR, soon to be 2nd Fastest Official Time in US
2 Duke Bristow 6:47.7 M From Can Pabst Blue Ribbon Pulled Hamstring on 4th Lap
3 Todd Kelly 7:02.6 M 39 From Bottle Budweiser Fastest Chug & Most Improved, 3:14 PR
4 Pontus Ahlstrom 7:13.9 M 40 From Can Budweiser 26 sec PR
5 Jonah Backstrom 7:28.3 M From Can Budweiser 16 sec PR
6 Jonathan Charlesworth 7:40.5 M From Can Budweiser w/ Penalty Lap
7 Matt Hinde 7:52.8 M From Can Budweiser
8 Andrew Wright 8:05.1 M From Can Budweiser
9 Andrew Moore 8:06.9 M From Can Budweiser
10 Jonathan Geilhufe 8:11.6 M From Can Bud Light 1:22 PR, but too low % of Alcohol
11 Mike Brandell 8:14.8 M From Bottle Red Hook ESB w/ Penalty Lap
12 Stephen Weibel 8:18.8 M From Can Budweiser Fastest non-runner
13 Nicole Campbell 8:36.5 F From Can Budweiser Rookie effort
14 Tony Fong 9:03.7 M 49 From Can Budweiser
15 Julian Marsh 9:04.1 M From Can Budweiser 1:40 PR
16 Eric Raffini 9:28 M From Can Budweiser
17 James Pinkerton 9:57.8 M From Can Heineken
18 Jack Youngren 10:09.3 M From Can Budweiser
19 Chris Pawlick 10:22.4 M From Can Heineken
20 John Markell 10:27.5 M From Can Budweiser Top Canadian
21 Jamey Gifford 10:55.4 M From Can Budweiser w/ Penalty Lap
22 Christian Weeks 11:26.9 M From Can Heineken
23 Alex Mason 12:27.6 M From Can Budweiser w/ Penalty Lap
24 Ian Mason 13:23.6 M From Can Budweiser w/ Penalty Lap
25 Tom Brennan 14:29 M From Can Budweiser w/ Penalty Lap
26 Jason Hill 14:29.1 M From Can Heineken w/ Penalty Lap
27 Bjorn ? DNF M

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Race Notes:

In the biggest beer mile field ever assembled in San Francisco, 25 men and a woman put everything on the line and ran their gutsiest race, some in different ways than others.

With cold rains looming and the very real threat of getting arrested for drinking on public school property, spectators and racers alike witnessed the second fastest official performance on American soil by Todd Rose, a great woman's rookie performance by Nicole, several PR's including a huge 3 plus minute PR by TK, as well as several horribly graphic regurgitations. It was a day we'll all remember, for good and bad.