6th Annual Jacksonville Beer Mile
Jacksonville, FL
May 29, 2010

created by user oshott

Conditions: Hot


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage


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Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Owen Shott 6:02 M 30 From Can Coors Went for State Record, but came up short. New PR and Track record.
2 Justin Breidenstein 6:50 M 33 From Can Coors Great 2nd place finish. Big PR
3 The Professor 7:15 M 30 From Can Coors Rookie Of the Beer
4 Rick Patterson 7:16 M 40 From Can Budweiser What can you say a PR is a PR. Patty is back!
5 Allie Ritter 7:31 F 22 From Can coors rookie Beer Miler takes down reigning Female state champ and finishing with 6th best female time in the world
6 Jo Shott 7:37 F 30 From Can coors she lost her crown but still brought a steller 40 sec PR performance
7 Tripp Southerland 7:56 M 25 From Can coors pre-race pep talk with beer didn't work out as well as he planned was on pace for top 2 until vomit attack
8 Matt Altman 7:59 M 21 From Can budweiser strong showing only lost to two girls... haha!
9 Lindsay Sundell 8:21 F 23 From Can coors BIG PR and almost caught Dirty South lover
10 Jeff Tomaszewski 8:25 M 35 From Can coors This Navy guy webcasted in a great Rookie performance... live attempt is coming next yr
11 Steve Kraim 8:58 M 23 From Can budweiser
12 Courtney Phillips 10:41 F 35 From Can budweiser Watch out, JC! Courtney's rookie beer mile was very impressive!
13 Alex Hills 11:24 M 21 From Can coors
14 Jason Lewis 11:53 M 35 From Can Budweiser 2nd best JU Alumin showing. Go Allie
15 Chuck Emerson 11:54 M 30 From Can Budweiser great Kick almost got Jason
16 Steve Star 12:55 M 35 From Can Budweiser Strong 1st time showing
17 Tyrone Gayle 14:09 M 25 From Can Modelo Wrong beer of choice. Best Puke of the year Award
18 Lucy Green 14:30 F 21 From Can coors Couldn't stop smiling the whole time.
19 David Howard 14:30.2 M 23 From Can Coors
20 Sky Johnson 15:03 F 34 From Can Budweiser Had pretty strong post race puke!
21 Matt Breidenstein 15:28 M 25 From Can Budweiser Hey who is that Justin guy?
22 Aubery Hersborin 15:29 F 31 From Can Budweiser
23 Robbie Johnson 17:09 M 35 From Can Budweiser
24 Trevor Beasly 17:41 M 24 From Can Budweiser Expected more out of a Canadian sub 15 5k guy
25 Darrin DeTorres 18:42 M 23 From Can coors Disappointing for as fast as he can drink
26 Ryder Leary DNF M 25 From Can Budweiser Expected ALOT more out of an Irish sub 15 5k guy
27 Brad Orr DNF M 23 From Can Budweiser

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Race Notes:

What a Beer Mile! We had a world best time for 2010 and 2 top ten all-time female best time. 25 total finishers with another 25 spectators. Check out facebook for all the photos and action shots. Join us next year: email me at oshott@yahoo.com