Rowheath Chunder Mile Trial 1
Birmingham, United Kingdom
June 30, 2010

created by user IsMinceGood4U

Conditions: Clear evening skies, not a breath of wind, 21 degrees C. Perfect.


Queen's Chunder Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 20oz Beers Cups 5% Alcohol Beer Vomiting Allowed


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Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Mark Grace 12:03 M 32 From Cup Stella Artois
2 Mark Ince 12:49 M 35 From Cup Stella Artois Haysus. Who comes up with this stuff??

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Race Notes:

First ever (that we know of) Rowheath Beermile!

Operating under UK (Chundermile) rules...