2011 Manitoba Winter beermile
Winnipeg, MB
March 19, 2011

created by user viper

Conditions: 4 degrees clear skies, light breeze


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage


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Name Time Gender Age Nationality Beer Notes
1 Corey Gallagher 5:45 M 24 2 seconds off his Manitoba record. Helped shovel the track the night before and got way past loaded.
2 braydon 7:05 M From Can lucky ran in nothing but a speedo
3 Devon 7:38 M From Can lucky
4 Mark 8:10 M From Can keiths First person to take the 'passing lane' and realize its no passing lane at all
5 Kevin Lorenz 8:47 M From Can lucky
6 Cam S 9:22 M From Can Budweiser Not even 8 years in the military could train him for this kind of carnage.
7 Patrick Beckett 9:22 M 18 From Can kokanee His time is in question..video replay has not been watched yet..claims are made about 1200m instead of a mile
8 eric m 9:35 M From Can Molson
9 Sheldon Kilcullen 9:39 M 26 From Bottle Pilsner Ran in nothing but an apron and oven mitts. Went on a week drinking binge before this event..arrived by bus from Thunder bay the night before, and got hammered friday night.
10 Mel Gregoire 9:52 F From Can lucky First Female Finisher. Was injured and decided to 'Jog' the event...Fuck you mel...you beat me by 6 minutes
11 Peter Doroshuk 9:53 M From Can OV
12 Riley 10:27 M From Can lucky Speedo
13 Justin Brown 10:46 M From Can lucky ran in spikes and a Karate outfit..Oh he kicked some ass
14 Steve Wetton 10:54 M From Can Keiths
15 Steven Campbell 12:04 M From Can Keiths Ran the race wearing a Head-Cam. True Zombie Vision some might say
16 Arms 12:10 M From Can Brewhouse
17 William adama 12:13 M From Can lucky speedo
18 Justine Stromberg 12:22 F From Can lucky
19 Buzz 12:30 From Can lucky male,female?
20 Alex Bell 13:26 F From Can lucky The ass the helmet cam continually went back to..other than sheldons.
21 Travis Toet 13:42 M From Can lucky
22 Elliot Cooke 13:48 M From Can lucky Provided the head cam for scraggles
23 Andrew Dauphinais 14:04 M 27 From Bottle Pilsner Wore An outfit from Rocky Horror picture show that he got for half price if he wore it out of the store..so he did.
24 David Kelly 14:15 M From Can Black Ice Apparently after living in a northern community for months he thinks its okay to run a beermile with Black Ice...though he wore a helmet just incase something bad happened.
25 Andrew Schellenberg 14:51 M From Can lucky
26 Jon Kilcullen 15:17 M 27 From Can V-Pack(club,OV,Bud,1 bottle of Moosehead was present when the 'passing lane' was built..and still took it. was trying to run 8:30, instead went almost double that.
27 Olli Gergely 15:41 M From Can lucky He had to get out of the way
28 Christine 15:58 F From Can keiths
29 Sidney Gergely 17:11 F From Can Budweiser
30 Chantal Auger 17:11 F From Can lucky
31 Kaylie Iserhoff 17:27 F From Can brewhouse Drove in from Thunder bay with sheldon and Tony.
32 Olli G/F 17:37 F From Can lucky
33 Lanette 17:40 F From Can Budweiser
34 Thomas Light 20:56 M From Can Brewhouse Showed up to the Tbay house planning on timing, lost RPS to run and wear spikes.
35 Colin Shepard 21:39 M From Can Budweiser Had a 200m sprint with Tony in which he clearly won
36 Tony Pucci 21:41 M 27 From Bottle Moosehead Ran his last 400m in what looked to be under 60...2 weeks earlier he ran a 400 on a relay and ran 58. Also won a used porno mag for 'Most Improved Athlete'...for not getting last
37 Mikayla 26:32 F From Can Budweiser
38 Jeff 29:16 M From Can Budweiser
39 Book Learner 29:16 F From Can Budweiser

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Race Notes:

This beermile featured a runner wearing a head cam. It rolled out 16.50 of amazing footage. check out the URL for the video.

There was 2-3 feet of snow the entire way around the track on friday night when a group of us started shovelling it off. It took 6 hours to get 1 lane, 1 passing lane 30m long, and a 6 lane drinking zone done. It might have only taken 5 hours if we didnt take beer breaks every 30 minutes, but what can you do, we're unionized...they say take a break, you take it.