HDRC Dundas Beer Mile 4; The 1st Olympiad
July 29, 2016

created by user O2BCool


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage


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Name Time Gender Age Nationality Beer Notes
1 Justin Willis 8:59 M 23 From Can Molson Canadian 1st Beer Mile; surprised the regulars!
2 Adam Dziemianko (XF) 9:07 M 30 From Can Molson Canadian Another first timer who hit the podium.
3 Jason St Denis (R) 9:15 M 32 From Bottle 2 Sleemans Original & 2 Amsterdam Blonde A little slower than last year, but he's about to get married (probably worse next year).
4 Ken Kenna (R) 9:18 M 55 From Bottle Steamwhistle 3rd fist-timer in the top 3, and did it wearing a dress!
5 Ron Lariviere (R) 10:22 M 66 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde PB'd and bettered last year's race by almost a minute!
6 Alex Jurkovic 10:33 M 27 From Can Coors Banquet Another first-timer who thinks he's found his calling.
7 Grace Panoff (R) 10:41 F 54 From Can Fosters 3-Peat champion. Threatening retirement but the group won't let her go.
8 Rich Gelder (R) 11:49 M 47 From Can Molson Export Would have been impressive if he was actually there.
9 Trent Irwin (XF) 12:21 M 34 From Can Coors Banquet A year of firsts; weddings & beer miles; what's next?
10 James Stephenson (R) 13:22 M 31 From Can Coors Banquet Rumour has it he got engaged during the event; not confirmed.
11 Jim Richards (R) 13:25 M 47 From Can Moosehead Better than 5 mins of last year's time; spent less time kissing & hugging.
12 Paul Mitchell (R) 13:59 M 56 From Can Budweiser PB'd on time and number of F-bombs levied.
13 Emily Leslie (R) 14:59 F 30 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde Outstanding Beer Mile debut! 2nd overall female with the goal of besting her mentor in 2017.
14 Ben Jurkovic (R) 15:59 M 31 From Can Budweiser First-time chunderer. Probably due to thinking about imminent fatherhood.
15 Quinn Patricia (R) 16:29 F 29 From Bottle Steamwhistle Yet another outstanding maiden Beer Mile, and did it in a non-aerodynamic tutu.
16 Bryan Do 16:42 M 21 From Can Molson Canadian Another newbie, and wasn't shy at the pre.
17 Mary Carey (XF) 16:52 F 56 From Can Michelob Ultra Beer miled with one hand & rocked the baby to sleep with the other.
18 Lorraine Gavloski (R) 17:22 F 43 From Can PC Lager Huge PB while chicking Campbell. Campbell no-like.
19 John M Campbell (XF) 17:26 M 54 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde Better than last year; think living the dream in the dreads helped.
20 Ciara McCann (R) 19:03 F 29 From Can Molson Canadian Rocked the tutu, rocked the orange leggings, and rocked her first Beer Mile!
21 Danielle Solondz (XF) 22:44 F 34 From Can Coors Banquet Another debut race, and doubled-back the next morning with a Monster-Mash CrossFit WOD.
22 Mieke Samara (R) 24:30 F 30 From Can Sleemans Original Rumour has it that she only said, 'yes' after 2 laps & 2 beers thinking about it.
23 Liz Dowling (R) 26:42 F 39 From Bottle Steamwhistle Knocked over 4 mins off last year's time; must have been divine intervention.
24 Surafel Akalu 27:27 M 22 From Can Molson Canadian Didn't know what he was getting into. Didn't know this was a 'thing'. Didn't know he'd end up on a website, bu thtinks he'll be back!
25 Shelby MacGregor (XF) 31:02 F 23 From Can Alexander Keith's First in the junior ladies' division and the hope is she'll rock the beer socks at future WODs.
26 Steve Smith (R) 31:04 M 55 From Can Budweiser Wasn't his day, but he gutted through it. Could it have been the lack of wiener shorts? Somewhere F-Bomb is smiling.
27 Leigh-Anne Polkinghorne (XF) 36:10 F 44 From Bottle Steamwhistle First Beer Mile after coming off a foot injury. Hates beer in general, but tried to think of it as crappy-tasting cider.
28 Angel Rixtun (XF) 39:59 M 25 From Can Molson Canadian Questioned his respect of the Beer Mile in choosing to drink king-cans. Sense is his tact will change next year. Still he's reigning Junior Men's champion.
29 Katherine Armstrong (R) DNF F 28 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde DNF - with the help and support of her fellow chicks and mentor, she'll be back next year with bells (and maybe tutus) on.
30 Megan Carey (XF) DNF F 28 From Can Molson Canadian DNF - used it as a learning experience and will work on her burping skills for next year. Still put Park Warden Eats to shame.
31 Emily Campbell (XF) DNF F 20 From Can Budweiser DNF - obvious it was her father that put too much pressure on her and she can put the blame squarely on his (rounded) shoulders. 2017 will be a bounce-back year.

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Race Notes:

31 athletes, Runners & CrossFitters, 28 finishers, a bunch of first-timers, 2 Chunder-Milers, 5 yellow tutus & orange stockings, 3 nuns, a goalie, 1 SOB, and a Rastafarian Sumo-Wrestler. The typical Beer Mile demographic.