2017 New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
Tauranga, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand
May 20, 2017

created by user ckwon


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage


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Name Time Gender Age Nationality Beer Notes
1 Craig Kirkwood 6:41 M 42 From Bottle Budwiser CK claims his 7th NZ Champion title
2 Kyle Macdonald 7:15 M From Can VB Another year, another failed attempt to get on the top step.
3 Deano Gaskin 7:48 M 43 From Bottle Budweiser Podium place for Ironman
4 Doug Moore 7:57 M From Can VB Tis was a splendid wee race from thy leprechaun
5 Stewart Simpson 8:42 M 44 From Bottle Budweiser His costume has left competitors & spectators with a mental scar
6 Cole Burmester 8:52 M From Bottle Budweiser Bless him
7 Anthony Arts 9:03 M From Can VB Cracking debut
8 Geoff Emsile 9:16 M From Bottle Mac's Green Berret Another year under the belt
9 Pete Edmondson 9:20 M From Can Fosters Mandatory life guard was present. H&S covered.
10 Steve 9:21 M From Bottle Mac's A man named Steve dressed as a woman...sounds the start of a good joke.
11 Craig Jefferson 9:23 M From Bottle Budweiser Duffman makes a come back
12 Tony 9:43 M From Can Fosters Bogan
13 Emily Kendrick 9:51 F From Bottle Budweiser New Zealand Champion on Debut
14 Tim Shackleford 9:55 M From Can Fosters He was lightening faster on debut in his onsie
15 Trev 11:03 M From Can Fosters Glorious effort
16 Ben Bennett 12:12 M From Can VB Simply stunning Spiderman
17 Greg Hughes 12:27 M From Can Fosters To be sure, to sure
18 Stuart 13:13 M From Can Fosters Stuart with no last name
19 Richard 13:21 M From Can VB We need a surname for the ninja
20 Nicole Spargo 15:40 F From Bottle DB Export Citrus Not sure about this 'beers' though
21 Miranda Clark 15:50 F From Can VB Blushing bride
22 Ange 15:50 F From Can VB Bridesmaid
23 Katrina Shores 22:00 F From Bottle Budweiser It was a big night for Minnie Mouse
24 Cameron Whitney 22:32 M From Can Fosters The fans will be flocking to his new athlete FB page
25 Vivenne Conway 24:14 F From Can Fosters Best spew I have ever seen...it was a glorious way to end the 10th edition of this event.

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Race Notes:

It was the 10th Anniversary of this event.