2018 New Zealand Beer Mile Championships
Tauranga, New Zealand
May 26, 2018

created by user ckwon


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage


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Name Time Gender Nationality Beer Notes
1 Craig Kirkwood 6:23 M From Bottle Budweiser CK claims his 8th NZ Champion title
2 Bevan Jefferies 6:38 M From Can VB Claims he's going to win one day....i don't see it.
3 Andrew Lloyd 6:41 M From Can VB Talked a good game, was found wanting....again.
4 Kyle Macdonald 6:44 M From Bottle Budweiser Moose
5 Iain Macdonald 7:06 M From Bottle Corona Superman
6 Cole Burmester 8:16 M From Bottle Budweiser At least his wife can win it...
7 Stewart Simpson 8:29 M From Can VB Pebbles
8 Trev Knyvett 9:01 From Bottle Budweiser Transitioning from male to female or female to male. No one is sure.
9 Chris Myland 9:15 M From Bottle Budweiser Past champion was well off the pace this year
10 Regan Bones 9:16 M From Can VB Solid attempt
11 Tim Shackleford 9:17 M From Can VB Pretty princess xx
12 Tony ? 9:45 M From Can VB Full bogan
13 Geoff Emslie 10:29 M From Bottle Sassy Red Just monkeying around
14 Ollie Rew 10:34 M From Can VB The bald tea lady
15 Whiskey ? 11:05 From Can VB Transitioning from male to female or female to male. No one is sure.
16 Joe Misiti 11:05 M From Can VB Essendon FC represent
17 Ben Bennett 11:14 M From Bottle Budweiser He looked lovely in his wifes bedroom dressups
18 Cheryl Knyvett 11:18 F From Can VB NZ Champion on debut.
19 Sophie Pulford 11:20 F From Can VB So close to the title
20 Michael Kelly 11:30 M From Bottle Budweiser On debut
21 Steven Meadows 11:39 M From Can VB Lovely ladyman
22 Max Gordan 13:41 M From Can VB Plenty of bluster, not much delivery. Usual story.
23 Duane Fitch 14:37 M From Can VB Angry bird attacked that beer mile
24 David Matuschka 14:40 M From Can VB Went all David Bain on it
25 Greg Hughes 14:45 M From Can VB Bond, Greg Bond.
26 Katrina Shores 19:49 F From Can VB Dress as beer to drink beer. I like it.
27 Julia Tresize-Conroy 19:55 M From Bottle Lindauer What a wonderful woman
28 Stuart ? 19:57 M From Bottle Steinlager Pure Another solid effort
29 Vivian Conway 20:01 F From Can VB Spewed again...but at least she waited until the end.

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