HDRC Dundas Beer Mile VI
July 27, 2018

created by user O2BCool


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Adam Palmer 7:23 M 30 From Bottle Beau's Lug Tread 10 seconds off last year's time, but this year did it in a monkey suit.
2 Adam Dziemianko 7:52 M 31 From Can Coors Banquet HUGE PB by 33 seconds. Fatherhood makes this guy faster.
3 Ryan Lewis 9:15 M 27 From Can Coors Banquet Coach Ryan bursts onto the Beer Mile scene with a podium finish in his maiden race! 'Pinky off the can' grip might be his secret...or maybe it was the 3 pre-race beers...
4 Ben Jurkovic 9:19 M 32 Shaved 4 seconds off last year, eliminated last year's chunder & posted a new PB!
5 Ken Kenna 9:50 M 56 From Can Coors Banquet Another PB with 23 secs off last year, AND did it wearing a garter...#Boss
6 Lorraine Gavloski 10:37 F 45 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde Another PB and she takes home the hardware! Was it the lipstick that made the difference? Maybe we'll find out next year...
7 Paula Trainor 11:56 F 40 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde Another HUGE PB! No sophomore jinx for Paula cutting a whopping 3:19 off last year's time!
8 Jake Northey 12:09 M 22 From Can Coors Banquet Another racer with a 3 min + PB! Jake liked the grass course...
9 Karel Svobodo 13:07 M 40 From Can Blue Moon HUGE PB in his sophomore race! Even the drive back from the track by a complete stranger couldn't spoil the mood at the post-race celly!
10 Emily Leslie 14:18 F 32 From Can Steam Whistle Missing last year may have played against Emily this year. Bigger field than she's used to, but will bounce-back in '19 the experts are already saying.
11 Steve Smith 15:47 M 57 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde A bit of a step-back from last year, but this race wasn't coach-approved, so may have played a mental toll. Look for a bounce-back in '19.
12 Sean Lowe 16:34 M 29 From Can Molson Canadian This first timer BURST onto the Beer Mile scene with this race! Posted a PB even with his fall on Lap 3...
13 Jessy Blackadar 18:03 F 29 From Can Molson Canadian HUGE result in her first ever Beer Mile! 'Kicking husband ass' in beer miles always makes them even more satisfying. Look for big things from Jessy in future races!
14 Thomas Hitchcox 18:58 M From Can Molson Canadian Thomas BURST onto the Beer Mile scene with a SPECTACULAR Chunder, a painted back, a couple of pantless laps, and a post-race keg stand!
15 John M Campbell 19:00 M 56 From Bottle Amsterdam Blonde Played the role once again of the good host, letting most of the field trounce him. Dissapointed the blow-up wings didn't make him fly...
16 Emily Campbell 24:41 F 22 From Can Coors Banquet 3rd Beer Mile at her young age. PB'd this year by ditching the weight vest. Doesn't come from good Beer Mile stock so has to train harder for '19.
17 Laura McInnis 24:42 F 24 Beer Mile rookies abounded this year! Another great first-timer performance. Helped keep the lifting side of the gym respectable.
18 Emily Gomes 24:45 F 24 Repped Paul's lifters well in her Beer Mile debut. Better things to come in future Beer Miles!
19 Tamara Cormier 25:43 F 30 From Can Molson Canadian Another Beer Mile first-timer who performed admirably. Word is she also kept fellow CrossFitters hydrated on the way back from the track.
20 James Stephenson 26:02 M 33 From Can Grain and Grit Pineapple Rye Pale Ale After missing last year, James bounced back this year...sort of...never mind, his 'Ron Lariviere Tribute' costume rocked the house!
21 Kyle Blackadar 27:20 M 30 From Can Laker Lager Rumour has it that Kyle has yet to take his prize for 'Most Honest Male Beer Miler' off; only question left for this first-timer is,
22 Rachel Laird 27:48 F 25 From Can Alexander Keith's Another Beer Mile rookie with lot's of upside. With Coach Ryan's stellar performance I sense all us Odeoners will be getting more Beer Mile-specific WODs in the future...
23 Elizabeth Dowling 33:35 F 41 From Bottle Coors Banquet HUGE PB on time (and HUGE PB on chunders during the post party); no keg-stands for Liz this year...
24 Meghan Smith 33:40 F 22 From Can Coors Banquet Sophomore race for Megs didn't treat her well, but benefitted from a 'Most Honest Beer Miler, Female' win!
25 Kirstin Webb 33:40 F 22 From Can Coors Banquet Learned a lot in her rookie Beer Mile. Tied for 'Most Honest', so her name's in the record books...
26 Nick Whitford DNF M 26 From Can Molson Canadian DNF. This guy can lift, but he ain't no chugger...
27 Firas Khalid DNF M From Can Molson Canadian PB'd his deadlift earlier in '18, but a spectacular burn-out in his first (attempt) at a Beer Mile. DNF
28 Marissa Grace DNF F 29 From Can Molson Canadian First timer gave it her best college try...giving her a break year 1 (since she's a Mac grad)...
29 Christina Baade DNF F 45 Molson Shots First timer figured she'd tip her toe in the water by trying a 'scaled version' of the traditional Beer Mile. Next year the Full Monty?
30 Mia DNF F 43 Molson Shots Sense Christina might still be apologizing for subjecting her to this horror!
31 Amber Carrier DNF F 31 Went to school in this her first Beer Mile experience. Will be better for it when next year's event rolls around!
32 Jordan Carrier DNF F Another first Beer Mile experience. need to get the Carriers onto the full race next year. This race needs some sibling rivalries!
33 Carley Ouellette DNF F 23 Another Rookie! Learned a lot...learned especially to stay clear of Thomas...

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Race Notes:

New venue, new participants, fast times, lost pants, and lots of beer.../Users/johnmcampbell/Desktop/IMG_2797.JPG/Users/johnmcampbell/Desktop/IMG_2756.JPG