Sunshine Coast Beer Mile 2019
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
November 16, 2019

created by user katemas


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Nationality Beer Notes
1 Anthony Rule 7:55 M From Bottle Coopers Don't do Coopers next time!
2 Darren Quinn 8:11 M From Bottle Corona Kind of first female
3 Dan Crabtree 8:23 M From Bottle Corona Nice debut!
4 Munchie 8:33 M You got Pat this time!
5 Pat O'Connor 8:36 M Munchy got ya!
6 Adam Watson 8:37 M Debut? Fast!
7 Gary Holland 8:58 M Sub 9! PB?
8 Vance Pritchard 9:22 M Nice sculling!
9 Sonya Perdikis 9:54 F From Bottle Corona PB! Under 10! Gunned the last lap
10 John Simpson 9:57 M From Bottle Corona Cracked 10 again
11 Andrew Mills 9:58 M From Bottle Corona Cracked 10 for the first itme
12 Rachelle Jacobsen 10:13 F From Bottle Corona Not bad for someone who never drinks 4 beers. Vomit was after the finish so no extra lap in one sitting!
13 Joh Switzer 10:26 F From Bottle Corona Nose foam or vomit???
14 Robert Luxford 10:27 M From Bottle Corona Nice debut
15 Hayley Crabtree 10:31 F From Bottle Corona 4th F - all within 40s
16 Kevin Jennings 11:10 M Go Kev - looks like you loved it!
17 John Searston 11:23 M From Bottle Corona Nice red suit!
18 Tony Reason 11:36 M From Bottle Corona Beer miles are good pick up grounds!!
19 Damien Irving 11:53 M From Bottle Corona Go the Golden Beach Golden Boy
20 Bruce Cocking 11:55 M From Bottle Corona After a 40k run in the morning!
21 Andrew Fleischer 12:08 M From Bottle Corona First out of the blocks!
22 Fiona Thomme 12:24 F From Bottle Corona Keen AS!!!
23 Steve Jacobsen 12:24 M Apparently not a runner but looked the part
24 Troy Kenny 13:14 M From Bottle Corona A minute PB!
25 Mossy 13:16 M From Bottle Corona Getting faster!
26 Craig Trahar 13:17 M Is cider better?
27 Brian Cross 13:19 M The pro who's done all 4
28 Cameron Pleydell 13:36 M Think the vomit was at the end?
29 Brendan Doran 13:56 M Low battery - needed beer - got beer!
30 Gerry Taylor 14:40 M Duff man does it again - changes his boy's birthday party so he can fit in the beer mile - legend!
31 Drew Hills 14:41 M Just like it was water!
32 Kyle Wilmott 16:45 M From Bottle Corona Struggling
33 Peter Wilkinson 17:37 M From Bottle James Boag premium What happened???
34 Cameron Playdell 17:50 M ?Extra lap
35 Jess Reason 19:21 F From Bottle Corona How good was she!

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