2005 Graduates/Post Conf. BeerMile
Platteville, WI
May 7, 2005

created by user hass

Conditions: ~55. ~15 mph wind down the back stretch


Beer Mile

4 Beers, 4 Laps Stop and Drink, Then Run Full Mile 12oz Beers Open When Drunk 5% Alcohol Beer No Tampering Vomit Penalty Max 4oz Spillage

Name Time Gender Age Beer Notes
1 Erik Bartleson 5:45 M 21 From Bottle IceHouse :11,:65,:19,:70,:20,:68,:22,:67
2 Taylor Reynolds 7:18 M 20 From Bottle IceHouse
3 Tim Jankowski 8:47 M 22 From Bottle IceHouse
4 Chris Hass 8:51 M 27 From Bottle MGD Light :31,:77,:70,:74,:62,:78,:64,:73
5 Tim Willcox 9:15 M 26 From Bottle MGD Light
6 Nick Fix 9:48 M 21 From Bottle Bud Ice
7 Ben Henderson 10:02 M 22 From Bottle MGD Light bootleg
8 Andres Young 12:57 M 22 From Bottle IceHouse bootleg: :21,:93,:96,:78,2:36,:99,1:53,:65+:73
9 Justin Davis 12:57.6 M 22 From Bottle MGD Light :13,:87,:41,:92,:61,2:31,2:12,3:17
10 Carlos Young 14:52 M From Bottle IceHouse +2 cigs on laps 3 & 4
11 Dave Rulseh DNF M 19 From Bottle Bud Ice
12 Chris Morris DNF M 19 From Bottle Bud Ice

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Race Notes:

wow! it was another great day for UWPlatt's runners. a few alumni ran at the madison meet: 15:06 for willcox, 3:56 for meis, and 3:44 for kleimenhagen. the women's team swept the conferences distance races... incredible!
anyway, willcox and i just made it in time for the race. the entire field put down their first beer before i finished mine, but a few of them payed for that. by the time i was ~360m into the race, 2 guys were already dash'n their 2nd lap. there was lots of puking for this one. half way through the race, andres was already talking about throwing down the last 800m... bartelson is stellar. this guy warms up for this race.
our camera men were AWOL again. we'll get it sometime.
hey! to the grads: riederer, andres, and klei

everybody's going to the party have a real good time.

allright. i have to edit this because i've just realized that i've been mispelling erik bartelson's name as eric bartleson or eric bartelson. i'm going to go through and resubmit all the races he's been in. sorry about that erik.
i forgot to add team scores too.
CC/track guys 10+8+2 =20
track only guys 6+3+1 =10
alumni CC/track guys 5+4 =9
graduates 0